Easy to use, efficient and accurate. Pandle has all the tools you need to manage the finances of your business.


Sync your bank accounts with Pandle to automatically import your transactions. Then, simply categorise each transaction to effortlessly keep your accounts up to date.


Bank Feeds Pro

Automatically pull transactions from your bank account before quickly categorising them in Pandle.

PayPal Feeds Pro

Automatically pull transactions from your PayPal account before quickly categorising in Pandle.

Stripe Feeds

Automatically pull transactions from your Stripe account before quickly categorising in Pandle.

Bank Imports

Save time and reduce errors by importing your bank transactions into Pandle using our CSV templates

Bank Rules

Create a bank rule to automatically categorise and assign tax codes to your imported transactions.


Improve the speed of your invoicing process with our range of features. Managing your money more efficiently will mean you never miss a payment again.



Pandle’s range of invoicing features includes; invoice creation, manual invoicing, bulk invoice emailing, invoice payment reminders, plus the ability to create recurring invoices.


When you’re creating quotes you can easily mark them as accepted, declined or convert them into an invoice to save you from duplicating your work.

Pandle Pay

Our partnership with Stripe means your customers can pay you directly through a ‘Pay Now’ button on your invoices. Once done, the invoice is automatically marked as paid.

Payment Reminders

Automate the process of chasing up your unpaid invoices. Get paid quicker and improve your cash flow whilst reducing the time you spend chasing payments.


Managing your customers has never been easier; quickly import them, set credit limits, create customer groups, send out customer statements and track who owes you money.


From intuitive invoice entry to setting payment terms and splitting invoices Pandle has all the tools you need to accurately manage your suppliers.


With our range of reporting tools you will always know where your business stands financially. Allowing you to make more informed business decisions.


Profit and Loss

Check in real time if your business is profitable or running at a loss.

Cash Flow Forecasting Pro

Our cash flow forecasting report allows users to set future cash flow goals and view trends in your cash flow.

Payables and Receivables

View real-time reports of the suppliers you owe money to, and of the customers who have unpaid invoices!

Balance Sheet

Oversee all the income, expenses, assets, and liabilities on your balance sheet.

Trial Balance

View the balance of every single category, for any given date range.

VAT Software

Our comprehensive VAT software enables users to calculate, complete and submit their Making Tax Digital compliant VAT returns directly to HRMC.


VAT Submissions

Our integration with HMRC allows you to submit your MTD compliant VAT returns directly from Pandle.

VAT Reports

Pandle automatically calculates your VAT reports so you always know what you owe.


We understand that more than one person may need to access your bookkeeping. With Pandle you can easily add new users to your account to collaborate with your employees and your accountant.


Unlimited Users Pro

Does your accountant or bookkeeper need access to your bookkeeping? Add their email to your user list to give them instant simultaneous access.

User Permissions Pro

Select the functions your staff can access, meaning they only see the financial information relevant to their role.


Create general reminders or attach notes to specific transactions, bank accounts, customers, suppliers, categories, and invoices.


Pandle’s comprehensive range of accounting features provide you with all the financial tools you need to efficiently manage your business bookkeeping.


Multiple Currencies

Pandle automates currency conversions using the latest rates, so you don’t have to.

Recurring Transactions

Automate the time-consuming task of creating customer and supplier invoices for the same amount each month by getting Pandle to do the job for you.

Bulk Editing

Pandle is the only accounting software that lets you edit transactions in bulk, so if you spot errors or need to make changes, you can make them all in one go.

Transaction Locking

Quickly select your transaction lock date to avoid entering transactions for any previous accounting periods.

Multi Company Management Pro

Running more than one business? No worries. Easily manage the finances for multiple companies from just one Pandle account.

Items (Stock Control)

Create items for the products and services you buy and sell. Then accelerate your invoicing by selecting items to automatically track stock levels and manage your inventory.


Products Pro

Organise the products your business buys and/or sells to track stock levels and manage your invoicing more efficiently, with a lot less effort.


Create items for the services that you provide or purchase from suppliers to speed up your invoicing process, and make doing your banking a doddle.

Receipt Uploads Pro

Keep all your financial records and receipts in one place. Upload them to Pandle, attach them to transactions, and enjoy effortless organisation.

Projects Pro

Manage the finances of every project with bookkeeping features to makes your heart sing (and your business competitors feel a little queasy).

Live Chat Support

Enjoy award-worthy live chat support, from our team of trained bookkeepers. We’ve got your back, whenever you need us – all on our free plan.


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10th December 2015

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Pandle was born!