Pandle Update: Our Latest User Interface Improvements

Developing user-friendly accounting software isn’t just about developing features which make the bookkeeping process easier. It also means making the actual user-interface as simple and intuitive as possible. It’s why we recently spent some time updating our menu navigation, as well as making improvements to the usability of some features.

Our latest product update is all about those seemingly small changes that can make such a difference to the way that you work with Pandle. Buckle up because we’re going on tour!

Accessing help when and where you need it

Nobody wants mistakes in their bookkeeping, so when we introduced our interactive help bar, all the way back in the ye olden days of Pandle, we did this to help users find the answers they needed as quickly as possible.

Since then, we’ve also launched our Help Centre, and followed this up by providing free in-app live chat support operated by trained bookkeepers. We’re also about to introduce our new product tours which will give you a step-by-step guide on how to use every feature in Pandle, but more on that in the coming weeks!

All of these support options mean that the time has come to retire the interactive help bar, goodbye old friend, you did us proud. You’ll still have all of the on-demand support you need, including relevant page articles, but now they will all be housed within our live chat box:

Pandle Chat Support Window

Improved menu grouping

We’ve made a small tweak to our menu layout, bringing the Wages Adjustments tool under the ‘Accounting’ menu, where the regular Adjustments feature lives.

Accounting Menu

Don’t worry though! You’ll still be able to create new wages adjustments using the Quick Links menu, too.

Company Menu

To reduce the risk of confusion and errors, the wages adjustment feature is one of our dynamic menu options, so you’ll only see it if it’s relevant to your business. Enable the feature by confirming the business has employees in the ‘Financial Info’ tab under ‘Company Settings’.

Company Settings

Making more space for the good stuff

Now, we all know how frustrating it is trying to fit lots of information into a tiny little space. To combat the problem, we’ve taken Pandle widescreen! The interface now has more space to accommodate content, giving you more room to see the essential details of all your transactions.

Cleaner, less cluttered bookkeeping

Each invoice in Pandle includes its own audit trail so that you can see exactly what’s going on with every document. As well as any updates and changes, the audit trail also shows the payment history of an invoice, so after hearing from our users, we agreed that having an additional payment section was just overkill.

You can still review the payments made on your invoices in each corresponding audit trail without duplicate information risking any confusion.

We have our hearts set on making bookkeeping as simple and user-friendly as possible. And we’re taking you with us. Learn more about Pandle’s easy to use bookkeeping features for businesses and accountants, and create your free account to get started.

Charlie Bilsborrow

A digital marketing executive specialising in graphic design, motion graphics and web development. When I'm not working hard making things look jazzy, I can usually be found making comics, playing games or stuck in a book.

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