Overpayments Released in Pandle

When a client wants to stray from the recurring payments you’ve set up, it can send your bookkeeping into chaos.
But no more with Pandle’s new overpayment feature!

We’re pleased to announce that overpayments have now been released in Pandle. This new feature that our developers have been working away on allows Pandle users to activate overpayments on customer accounts.

Confused? Let us explain…

What are overpayments?

Put simply, overpayments allow money to sit on a customer’s account. This means that a customer can overpay one month and see this amount deducted from their next invoice.

For example, say you provide proofreading services and invoice a customer £45 on a recurring monthly basis.

If your customer pays you £50, the overpaid £5 will sit on their account in Pandle until the time comes for the next invoice to be sent – when it will be automatically deducted from their next payment.

Or perhaps your customer would like to pay two months upfront, for whatever reason. In this instance they would pay you £90. The first £45 would be paid into your bank on the invoice date – but the remaining £45 would be deducted the following month.

Overpayments released in Pandle

Overpayments are also available for suppliers, so if you wish to pay your supplier’s invoice for this month and next month it will sit on your account until the date it needs to be paid.

Got a feature idea? What would you like to see come to Pandle? Drop us a comment below with your thoughts or get in touch over on support@pandle.co.uk!



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Beth Jackson

AAT Level 3 qualified, I’ve worked in the finance sector since 2017. When I'm not in Pandle HQ, you'll find me hiking and playing the drums.

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