Powered up Pandle: The Performance Update

If there’s something we talk about a lot at Pandle HQ (other than lunch), it’s how we can help our users save more time on their bookkeeping.

As well as automating bookkeeping processes (like using Bank Feeds instead of entering banking transactions manually) and reducing the risk of time-consuming errors occurring, we regularly optimise our software so it runs as efficiently as possible.

Today we’re giving our development team a big virtual pat on the back for this latest update, it’s one we know you will be delighted about too!

Faster, smoother bookkeeping

We’ve enhanced the way which Pandle runs, helping us to further boost its speed and performance. It means that Pandle is even faster as a result. As anyone who’s ever spent time watching a loading screen knows, even a few seconds can feel like an eternity.

By shaving as much as 8 seconds off the page load time for larger companies, Pandle is striding at the forefront of blisteringly quick bookkeeping.

What do these performance upgrades mean for you?


Optimised loading times

Our Bank Feeds are powered by Plaid, which enables users to connect their bank accounts directly to Pandle. That way your business transactions flow seamlessly into your bookkeeping records in Pandle.

Pandle has always shown the status of each banking institution connected through Plaid, to help you make sure your bookkeeping information really is up to date and alert you to any potential reasons why they might not be.

Optimising the loading of these institution statuses means that the Banking tab takes less time to load.

We’ve also optimised the calculations which power the widgets on your Pandle dashboard. This helps reduce the amount of time it takes to load by up to 9 seconds for large companies, allowing you to get a snapshot of your business’ performance quicker than ever.

Powered up pandle - the performance update 1

Not being the type of people to leave a job half-done, that’s not all! Our team also got to work on our ‘View Transactions’ page. We’ve optimised the loading of financial transactions, so now you’ll get the benefit of a 20% reduction in the amount of time they take to load.

Our developers have also been working on caching improvements for financial transaction information in Pandle. This means the information is available more quickly, so the load time will be even faster after the first time it loads.

And honestly, we’re not shy about reminding everyone that faster, easier bookkeeping is what Pandle is all about.

Learn more about Pandle’s features, or get started with your own account.

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