Pandle Update: New Bank Accounts Currency Filter on Dashboard

The Dashboard in Pandle is designed to give you an up-to-date snapshot of the finances in your business. It’s a masterpiece of colour-coded financial transparency.

Looking at a graph of your bank account balances can be a bit difficult to interpret though, especially if it shows multiple currencies at the same time. To make things clearer, we’ve added a new filter to the Dashboard in Pandle, so you can view your Bank Accounts Balance graphs by currency.

Managing bookkeeping in different currencies

Checking currency conversion rates and working things out manually can be a labour-intensive task for businesses trading internationally. To keep you in control of your finances whilst cutting down on the work, Pandle includes an automated currency conversion tool.

All you need to do is set your base currency, and Pandle will populate invoices with the correct information. If you also have bank accounts in different currencies, Pandle will help you with that too.

But have you ever noticed how comparing some currencies can be difficult to get your head around? Where 100,000 in one currency is equal to 10 in another? Showing that sort of data comparison can lead to some rather odd-looking graphs, which is why we’ve simplified this for our Pandle users.

Filtering your Bank Accounts Balance graphs

It’s little touches like this that make Pandle so easy to use. They might sound small, but have a significant impact on how you can access and understand your financial data at-a-glance.

If you have multiple bank accounts which are all in the same currency, your Dashboard will show the balance of these accounts on the graph as normal.

However, users with multiple bank accounts in different currencies will see a dropdown menu to select the currency they wish to view. Only the bank accounts set to that base currency when they were created in Pandle will show on the graph, so it’s easier to make sense of the information.

Pandle Update: Easily Identifying Bank Transactions


The Bank Accounts Balance widget will always default to the base currency of your Pandle account, even if you use the Dashboard filter. That way, you always see the information that’s most relevant to you first.

Visit our help centre for advice on setting up Multiple Currencies in your Pandle account, or talk to one of the team with the Live Chat button screen. If you’re brand new to Pandle, get started with your free account.

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