Pandle Update: Copying Supplier Invoices

Imagine how good it would be if all those repetitive chores could somehow be taken care of at the click of a button. Whilst we might not be able to magically reduce the laundry pile, there is a lot we can do to help make your bookkeeping more efficient.

This latest update adds another time-saving tool to the Pandle toolkit, now allowing you to copy supplier invoices in just a few quick clicks.

Back to basics: supplier invoices in Pandle

As well as using Pandle to invoice your customers, you can enter invoices from your suppliers. This helps you make sure your bookkeeping records are accurate, and that you’re claiming for any allowable expenses. You can even attach the invoice you receive from your supplier to the record you create in Pandle.

To make the process faster, Pandle already has a ‘Suppliers’ feature, where you can create profiles for each supplier that you work with. That way all the information is ready to be auto filled when you enter a new invoice, and it also means you can manage who you need to pay, and when, more easily.

Copying supplier invoices to speed things up

If your business tends to deal with the same suppliers on a regular basis, then there’s a good chance that you’ll receive invoices for the same items pretty frequently too. For instance, if you hire a machine, and the supplier bills you for it on a monthly basis, or if you have regular repeat charges.

All those invoices might be for the same thing, and the same price, but they need to be entered into your bookkeeping separately. But it does seem a shame to duplicate all that work each time, doesn’t it? Yup, we thought so too.

With this update you won’t need to re-enter the same information again, instead you can just click our new timesaving ‘Copy Invoice’ button. Phew!

Just click ‘Suppliers’ in Pandle’s top navigation menu, and select ‘Supplier Invoices’.

Copying Supplier Invoices Image 1

Find the invoice that you need to copy, and click on ‘More’ under the ‘Actions’ column.

Copying Supplier Invoices Image 2

Then select ‘Copy Invoice’ from the dropdown menu…

Copying Supplier Invoices Image 3

…and voila! Pandle will open the supplier invoice entry screen with the details populated ready for you to check.

If the invoice was split across multiple categories, Pandle will even include any splits just like they were in the original invoice. All you’ll need to do is update the date, and the invoice reference from the latest invoice.

You might even use the extra free time to tackle the laundry. Stick the kettle on first though, eh.
Learn more about Pandle’s time-saving bookkeeping tools and features, and create your free account.

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