Pandle Update: More Insights into your Cash Flow Reports

No matter what type of business you run, managing your cashflow is just one of those jobs that should never be overlooked. Even when it feels like money is simply pouring into your business, it’s important to make sure it isn’t going out just as fast, so that you’ll still have money in place to pay the bills when you need to.

To make the process easier, Pandle’s cashflow forecasting tools are always whirring away in the background, automatically calculating in real-time, so your cashflow report is always up to date. And now, thanks to our latest update, it’s even easier to see what transactions make up those numbers.

What cashflow reporting means for your business

It might not be able to tell you next week’s lottery numbers, but cashflow reports can predict the future of your finances in other ways, helping you to spot trends and set realistic business goals.

In Pandle, click ‘Reports’, and select ‘All Reports’ from the menu (if you haven’t favourited your Cash Flow Report yet).

more actions on customers screen

Your Cash Flow report will be ready and waiting, so just select it to get started.

more actions on customers screen

Rather than showing you the same categories under both ‘Money In’ and ‘Money Out’, Pandle shows you the net balance instead – it just makes things less confusing, and you won’t need to work anything out manually.

For example, if you have £80 coming into electricity, and £30 going out of electricity, all in the same month, the report will just show you the balance of these two amounts as £50 coming in.

Seeing what the net amount is made of

Here at Pandle we do like things to be as straightforward as possible. With that in mind, we’ve added a new function to the cash flow tool.

You can now view netted balances, so when you click on the amounts in your cash flow report…

…you can see all in and out transactions which make up that balance.

You’ll have much more insight as to what’s going on under the hood, but this way you won’t have to spend time getting your hands dirty. Perfect.

Learn more about Pandle’s reporting tools, or set up your account to try them out.

Ronan Ferguson

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