Pandle Update: Improving the User Experience

Trying to work with important information, like your bookkeeping, when it’s all squished together into a narrow space can be very frustrating. It becomes more difficult to make sense of everything, and could increase the risk of errors if important data is obscured by the next column muscling into the spotlight.

It’s why our latest update is all about making sure there’s enough space to go around. We’ve made improvements to the way that tables display when you’re using Pandle on smaller screens, so that everyone can see still see their data easily. We’re putting simpler bookkeeping centre stage.

Making your bookkeeping more visible

How are we doing this though? Well, some columns, such as the date, don’t contain as much data as others, like a transaction description might for instance. This means they don’t necessarily need quite as much space as they had previously.

Rather than letting them take up valuable real-estate if you’re using a smaller screen, Pandle will now shrink the empty space in those columns to make more room for columns which typically contain more information. You’ll still see the most relevant bookkeeping information, but in a clearer, more compact display.

Smarter column ratios in Pandle

For instance, if you view your transactions on a screen with less space, Pandle will reduce the ‘Description’ column width, to make room for the more important ‘Transaction Type’ and ‘Category’ fields.

Smarter column ratios in Pandle

We’ve also applied the same principle to other screens in Pandle, such as when you’re creating and editing customers, issuing quotes, and confirming transactions.

You won’t have to do anything for these changes to take effect. After all, one of the beautiful things about using online bookkeeping software is that we can roll out improvements as they happen.

There’s no waiting around for updates to download (and no need to pay extra for the latest software version!). We’ll always make room for better bookkeeping here at Pandle.

Learn more about Pandle’s cloud based bookkeeping features, or create your free account to get started.</em

Ronan Ferguson

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