Pandle Update: UX Improvements Requested by Users

Living with our head in the (bookkeeping) cloud enables the teams at Pandle HQ to constantly monitor and refine the way that Pandle performs, whilst you’re busy taking care of your business accounts.

As well as developing juicy new features (like our recent Items release to help businesses with stock and inventory management), we’ve also been looking at the overall user experience. After all, you’re the reason we come to work, so it makes sense that Pandle does what you want it to!

We recently, gave our menu navigation a fresh layout to make it more intuitive, helping you to speed up your bookkeeping by using fewer clicks to get to where you need to go. We’re always listening to your feedback to make bookkeeping as simple as possible – which is exactly why we’re here with yet more user experience updates. We’re at your service, my liege.

Higher character limits for invoice references

Isn’t it just so annoying when you’re typing something important, only to run out…

of space for all the things you need to include?

Yeah, us too. This update dramatically increases the character limit which is available for the invoice reference field, and now you can write loads. Honestly, you should see some of the short stories that came out of testing it.

Simply enter your invoice reference information just like you normally would, but now you have even more space to get everything in.

Pandle Update: Reducing the Risk of Payment Reminder Errors Screenshot 1

When you generate the invoice, you could even include a short story of your own! Ensuring there is absolutely no confusion about what this invoice relates to.

Pandle Update: Reducing the Risk of Payment Reminder Errors Screenshot 2

Minimising the risk of errors in custom file imports

Manually entering all your transactions into your bookkeeping is beyond tedious, and carries a high risk of making data-entry errors. It’s why we developed our Custom Imports feature, so that you can simply download statements from any bank in the world, and upload them directly into Pandle.

To make the process as safe as possible, we’ve now improved the way that Pandle offers headings when you’re creating custom imports. That way there’s even less chance of any mistakes causing your data to turn into a jumbled mess. Let me explain a little further…
Now when you’re selecting headings to include on your data import:

  • Selecting the heading row means you won’t be able to select the first row of data from the same line. Once you click the ‘Headings?’ option Pandle will grey out the ‘First Row of Data?’ option on the same line, helping you to avoid any confusion.
Pandle Update: Reducing the Risk of Payment Reminder Errors Screenshot 3


  • Selecting the first row of data means you can’t then select the heading from the line above it.
Pandle Update: Bookkeeping Software That Puts the User First

With these new updates there’s no danger of trying to include the same information twice under different headings, which can only cause confusion. And that’s never a word you want anywhere near your tax return or bookkeeping records.

Real-time functions in every detail

All this business information at your fingertips is most useful when it is up-to-the-minute accurate, even down to the very last detail. At Pandle this means everything from updating your transactions through our Bank Feeds to calculating your VAT bill all happens in real time.

To really keep you on-track with all things Pandle, we’ve tweaked the notifications counter. So now whenever there are important system announcements you need to know about, you’ll the counter on the notifications icon in your header will decrease as you tick off each item.

Address layouts – just like you asked for

When we updated the way that Pandle formats addresses on invoices recently, some of you asked us to make a further tweak. Just like we said at the start, you’re the ones we do it all for, so we knew there was something we could do to help.
We’re pleased to confirm that invoices in Pandle will now format addresses according to Royal Mail’s specification.

Pandle Update: Reducing the Risk of Payment Reminder Errors Screenshot 5

The new formatting will also apply to existing invoices as well as to new ones you create in the future, so you don’t need to go back and amend anything, we’ve done it all for you.

Welcome to the world of refreshingly simple bookkeeping.

Get started with our free bookkeeping software, or take Pandle Pro out for a test – no card details needed!

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