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Understand exactly how your business is performing financially

Make well-informed business decisions using our real-time accounting reports. Easily track your finances and plan for the future of your business with insightful cash flow forecasting – no crystal ball required (though we do like a bit of sparkle).

Track performance

Export your reports

Keeping yourself fully in the financial picture

Pandle automatically calculates your financial reports in real time, ensuring they’re always up to date. View accurate financial statements to see where your business is making money (and which bits need a jolly good pep talk).

Keeping yourself fully in the financial picture
Plan for your future growth

Plan for your future growth

We might be nerdy software developers, but predicting the future isn’t just science fiction. Our cash flow forecasting report allows you to view trends, set goals, and gain a deeper understanding of the fluctuations in your cash flow to safeguard your business’ financial future.

Make better business decisions

Our reports provide an instant snapshot of your financial performance, so you can always make informed decisions about your business, whenever you need to make them.

Make better business decisions
Delve a little deeper into your finances

Delve a little deeper into your finances

You can export all your financial reports into Excel, so you can drill down into your figures in greater detail if you wish to improve your financial analysis even further.

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Explore Pandle's Reporting Features

Profit and Loss

Check in real time if your business is profitable or running at a loss. Choose the date range you want to view, and compare monthly reports to see where you're winning and where you're losing.

Be more efficient

View instant running totals of your gross and net profits, and easily identify where your business could be more running more efficiently.

Simple and easy to understand

View your income and expenditure in the simplest format so you can understand your financial position quickly, and act before problems develop.

Cash Flow Forecasting Pro

Identify trends with the cash coming in and going out of your business, and set future cash flow goals to help you lead your business in the right direction, rather than down the garden path.

View trends

With our cash flow forecasting tools, you’ll be able to predict times when your business might be cash flow positive or when things might be a little tighter.

Strike while the iron is hot

A deeper understanding of your business’ current financial situation will help you take the right action at the best possible time and not get yourself into financial trouble.

Payables and Receivables

Be more prepared than Bear Grylls in the wild, and view real-time reports of the suppliers you owe money to, and of the customers who have unpaid invoices!

Never annoy your suppliers

Use Pandle's straightforward overview of unpaid invoices to ensure you stay on good terms with your suppliers, paying on time and within your credit limits.

Stay on top your late payers

With our Receivables report you will always know which customers still owe you money, so you can decide whether it's time to fire over a politely worded email, or to send in the heavies.

Balance Sheet

Oversee all the income, expenses, assets, and liabilities on your balance sheet to keep your business books balanced, and on a sound financial footing.

Always know your worth

See what condition your financial position is in, with an instant snapshot of what the business owes and owns at any date.

Reduce risk in your business

Use our balance sheet reports to manage your long-term assets against liabilities, and keep your business on an even keel. Business success ahoy!

Trial Balance

View the balance of every single category, for any given date range in your bookkeeping records. De-stress your year-end tax reporting and always know where your business stands financially.

Always up to date

Your Trial Balance report automatically updates every time something changes in Pandle, so you can check everything matches at the drop of a hat.

Detect bookkeeping errors with ease

Pandle’s Trial Balance report helps you make sure your accounts balance, and shows you where they don’t so you know where to look for problems.

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Yes, you can! Each report in Pandle can be altered to show any date range, so you can select the start and end dates to create a reporting period which suits you.

You can view your financial reports in Pandle, as well as downloading them as an Excel spreadsheet or PDF to send out or share as you see fit.

You don’t have to view regular financial reports for your business, but they definitely help! They enable you to monitor what’s going on in the business so you can keep things on track. They’re also useful for investment pitches or lending/funding applications.

Like Pandle itself, the reporting tools are all available whenever you need them. There’s no limit on how many you can use or produce, and they will always be up-to-date as Pandle is constantly calculating your reports for you.

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