Pandle Update: Filter Transactions by Entry Method

We can’t help you find the other half of your missing socks, but we can make it easier for you to find your bookkeeping transactions when you need to. After all, trawling through financial information and trying to remember where you put something is incredibly frustrating, and that’s just not the Pandle way.

Our latest update takes things one step further when it comes to searching for information, by adding another filter to the existing options in the View Transactions screen, so that you can now search by entry method too. Three cheers for simplicity!

Viewing transactions in Pandle

To view your transactions, just select ‘Accounting Tools’ from the Pandle menu, and click to ‘View Transactions’.

Filter Transactions image 1

Like the name suggests, the View Transactions screen shows every single transaction that you enter into Pandle, so things can get a little busy in there. Nobody likes scrolling through pages of data, so to help you find your financial records Pandle already includes features which let you search or sort data quickly.

You can enter search terms to find relevant transactions, or click one of the column headers to sort your records by that field.

Filter Transactions image 2

There’s also an advanced find option if you ever need to delve a little deeper. To really help you get to things even faster though, we’ve now added a new filter so you can search or sort your records on the basis of the entry method you used to get them into Pandle.

Filter Transactions image 3

Just click the filter and choose the entry method (or methods if you need to search for more than one) or search for it by name.

Filter Transactions image 4

So, if you need to search for records that you imported into Pandle, filter by File Imports to see a list of relevant transactions.

Filter Transactions image 5

You’ll also see ‘FI’ in the Entry Method column, to make things as clear as possible. Because really, that’s exactly how looking after your bookkeeping should be. Now, has anyone seen our other sock?

Learn more about Pandle’s timesaving tools for bookkeepers and businesses, or sign up for your free account.

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