Pandle Update: Creating Projects While Adding New Bank Rules

Getting halfway through a task, only to realise that there’s something else which should have been done first is just so annoying. Downing one set of tools just to pick up another, and all the frustrating hassle that comes with it. That’s a big red card from all of us here at Pandle HQ.

We’re always looking for ways to make the transition between our cloud-based bookkeeping tools as simple as possible. It’s why our users can easily set up new categories whilst in the middle of creating bank rules, or set up new customers whilst creating quotes and invoices. And after this update, users will also be able to create Projects on the fly when adding a new bank rule too.

Why set up bank rules in the first place?

Our Bank Rules feature enables Pandle to automatically categorise and assign tax codes to imported bank transactions. By telling Pandle which transactions can be categorised and how, users can spend less time on their bookkeeping, and more time on business.

To be able to categorise a transaction correctly, Pandle needs to know where to assign it. Yup, like knowing which customer, supplier, category or project it belongs to.

Getting halfway through creating a new bank rule, only to realise that the bank rule doesn’t yet have a place to assign those transactions, would be pretty darn annoying.

Fortunately, our development team knew how to improve this. So now our users can create a new project, all without leaving the bank rules set up.

Why set up bank rules for a project?

Okay, we don’t mind admitting that we love our Projects feature. It enables users to monitor each specific job or project that they undertake, by providing a clear financial picture in one easy-on-the-eye report.

Creating bank rules for projects makes it super simple to assign transactions to a particular project, making it easier to separate them from other business transactions.

Users can create new bank rules from their Imported Transactions screen by hitting Actions > Create New Bank Rule or by heading to Tools, then selecting Bank Rules from the dropdown menu, where they can also manage all of the rules they have created.

But now, thanks to this latest update, users who forget to create a project before setting up a bank rule can still do so, without even leaving the Create New Bank Rule modal.

To do this, users simply choose the ‘Assign to project’ dropdown from the Bank Rule set-up, and click ‘Add New’:

Creating Projects While Adding New Bank Rules 1

Then enter and save the new project’s details, before returning to the New Bank Rule screen.

Glorious hassle-free bookkeeping. Just the way we like it.

Projects is part of our Pandle Pro plan, which costs £5 + VAT per month. Start a free trial to explore the possibilities.

Liam Yapp

Marketing Executive and Part-Time Copywriter. If I'm not working on our next big marketing push, you'll probably find me outside, basking in the sun and walking the dog.

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