Pandle Update: Preventing Currency Errors in Bank Feeds

Nobody wants to spend time unpicking mistakes in their bookkeeping, which is why we prefer to try and prevent errors before they have chance to crop up. Our latest update does just that, helping to stop the risk of selecting the wrong currency when setting up bank feeds. Phew!

What are Bank Feeds?

Bank Feeds are a way of connecting bookkeeping software to a bank account. Rather than entering transaction data manually, you can authorise a bank feed connection with your bank, and the details will pull through into your bookkeeping. You won’t need to spend time laboriously typing (and risking typos), or going through the process of importing statements.

Setting up Bank Feeds in Pandle

Our Bank Feeds are powered by Plaid, and use highly secure encryption technology to make sure your data is safe. You’ll need to add your bank account to Pandle before connecting it to the feed.

Which is exactly where our new update steps up.

When you add a bank account to Pandle, you’ll be asked to confirm which currency it relates to.

Preventing Currency Errors in Bank Feeds Image 1

That’s easy enough, but what if you then connect the account in Pandle to your bank account, and it’s in a different currency? Skewed bookkeeping entries as far as the eye can see, that’s what.

We’re on a quest to help prevent as many of these weird (but not so wonderful) mistakes as possible, so our developers have added an extra safety check to the set-up process.

From now on, if you select a bank feed that has a different currency to the one set up in Pandle, the option to save the bank feed connection into Pandle will be locked, and the currency will automatically change to the bank account selected, so you won’t need to worry about any accidental errors.

Reducing the risk of mistakes is all part of the Pandle experience, after all.

Discover more about using Bank Feeds with Pandle, as well as our other time-saving features. Get started with your free trial of Pandle Pro.

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