Pandle Update: Improved Transaction Filtering

Being able to find information quickly and easily is just one of the many marvellous benefits to using digital accounting software. There’s no need to shuffle through paperwork to find information, and thanks to our search tool and advanced filtering options, no endless scrolling, either.

But to be perfectly honest, the advanced search filters in Pandle needed some work, didn’t they? Everything was great until you needed to change one of the options, which meant resetting everything and starting from scratch. It wasn’t exactly in line with our easy-to-use, simple bookkeeping ethos! So, this latest update gives those search filters the shake-up they needed.

Searching and filtering your transactions

In Pandle, all of your transactions are available under the ‘Accounting’ menu. Click your way through to ‘View Transactions’, and everything going in and out of your business is listed in all its glory.

Improved Transaction Filtering Image 1

Even if your business has lots of transactions, finding the right one when you need it shouldn’t be a complicated job. Rather than scrolling through pages (and pages, and possibly more pages) you can enter search information, or click the ‘Advanced Search’ icon to use Pandle’s built-in filters.

Improved Transaction Filtering Image 4

You can use as many of these filters as you need to, but before the update there was no option to undo a filter selection. The only way back was to reset everything, and start the filter process again. Which takes up time. And risks confusion. Those are major strikes as far as we’re concerned.

We knew it was something we had to fix. Now you can undo any filter selections by opening the dropdown menu and either choosing a different option, or giving the current selection another click to de-select it.

Improved Transaction Filtering Image 3

The reset button is still there, but now dealing with any accidental clicks or a change of heart doesn’t mean going back to square one. Phew!

Learn more about Pandle’s accounting tools, and create your free account.

Ronan Ferguson

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