Customer Statements Are Now Live in Pandle!

It’s only the second month of 2017 and we’ve already added another feature to Pandle!

We mentioned in our January Updates post that customer statements were on their way. Well we’re extremely pleased to tell you they have arrived!

What customer statements doPandle Customer Statements PDF

Customer statements show a breakdown by date range of the invoices you have issued to your customers along with the customer receipts, and credit notes. The remaining balance is also shown so that your customer knows how much is outstanding and left to pay.

Customer statements are shown in PDF format allowing you to save it (to email), print or just view. Please ensure popups are enabled in your browser so that the customer statements can open.

Currently there is only one style of statement but various templates will become available for Pro users in the near future.

How to access customer statements

To access this feature please go to Enter Transactions > Customers Tab

Then click the following icon next to the relevant customer:

Pandle Customer Statements Screenshot

Have you got any ideas for Pandle improvement? Send an email to or send in your ideas to us on Twitter or Facebook.

Rachael Johnston

A creative content writer specialising across business, finance and software topics. I have a love for all things writing, and creating engaging, easy to understand content that helps everyday people!

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