Pandle Update: Improved Processes if Recurring Transactions Fail

No matter how carefully you plan something, life sometimes has a habit of going wildly off-script. While you can’t anticipate everything (unless it’s toast landing buttered-side down), there are ways to mitigate risk.

At Pandle HQ it’s our mission to put processes in place which make sure your bookkeeping is safe, even when the unexpected happens. To add another layer of protection around your accounts, our latest update improves the way Pandle manages your recurring transactions if they ever fail to send. We’ve got your back.

Recurring transactions in Pandle

Rather than manually creating and sending a customer invoice for the same amount each month, our recurring transactions feature allows you to automate the process.

For example, if you invoice a customer £100 each month, setting up a recurring transaction lets Pandle create (and even send) it automatically, rather than doing it manually yourself. It saves time, and there’s less risk of making errors because you only need to enter information once.

You can create a new invoice, and then choose the ‘save and recur’ option to schedule the frequency that Pandle sends it out.

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You can review and edit them at any time, by opening the Tools menu, and selecting ‘Recurring Transactions’.

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What happens if a recurring transaction fails in Pandle?

We like to plan for all eventualities, which is why our new update puts processes in place which will step in if a recurring invoice doesn’t go out like it’s supposed to.

Pandle will detect if a recurring invoice fails to send for any reason, and then attempt to resend it on your behalf. You’ll receive an alert that lets you know what’s happened, and which invoices and customers are affected. If there are multiple issues, we’ll send one email to let you know, rather than clogging up your inbox.

If the resend attempt is unsuccessful, Pandle will repeat the process up to seven times, and let you know each time. To avoid any duplication, Pandle will detect if you’ve already sent the invoice manually and jam the brakes on the automated resend. Nobody wants duplicate invoices running riot in their bookkeeping, or upsetting customers with a double bill.

Should the final attempt to send the recurring transaction also be unsuccessful, Pandle will send an alert, so you know what action to take, and where.

Proper planning prevents poor performance, as the saying goes, which is why we’re here with updates like this, to make bookkeeping as smooth and stable as possible. Does the three-second rule apply to toast?

Learn more about our free bookkeeping software with built-in invoicing tools. Create your free account online, or try a free trial of Pandle Pro – no payment details needed.

Ronan Ferguson

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