Pandle Messaging Centre Now Live

Bookkeeping is all well and good until you hit a wall. It might be that you’ve stumbled on a confusing transaction that you don’t have paperwork for, or an invoice that you need to confirm has been paid.

Whatever the issue is, you can often resolve it by opening up your emails and getting in touch with someone. Whether it’s your accountant, or another member of the team with access to the Pandle account.

However, with the introduction of the Pandle Messaging Centre, you’ll soon be able to skip this extra step.

Pandle Pro users will have access to the exclusive Messaging Centre, which allows users to interact with one another within the software; so there’s no need to switch from Pandle to your emails to see if transactions have been updated yet.

To access the Messaging Centre simply open up the Pandle webapp and click on the mail icon in the header. From here a new tab will open where you can select who you want to start messaging.

The Pandle Messaging Centre will complement the tagging feature that will soon be coming to Pandle Notes, allowing for a more seamless bookkeeping experience.

Pandle Messaging Centre

This will allow for more efficient collaboration between you and other users, cutting down the time you spend on your bookkeeping even further.

What would you like see come to Pandle? Drop your feature suggestions in the comment section below or send them over to

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