Pandle Mobile Update: Import Customer or Supplier Data from Contacts

We’re always listening to our users’ feedback on Pandle, to see how we can help to simplify their bookkeeping by making Pandle even more efficient. Which is why, after rigorous testing the latest update for Pandle Mobile is now ready to share.

What have we introduced or changed?

We’ve actually made a series of updates to help make Pandle even more reliable, including several improvements to our banking feature. As well as this, we’ve also introduced a new ‘import from contacts’ option for creating new customers and suppliers.

Create new customers and suppliers from contacts

Pandle Mobile users can find the option to ‘create from contacts’ nested in the dropdown menu when creating a new customer or supplier.

Pandle Mobile Update: Import Customer or Supplier Data from Contacts

Users simply select the option from the dropdown, and Pandle Mobile will display a list of contacts which are stored on the user’s device. After the contact has been selected, Pandle will use as much of that data as possible to automatically populate the form for creating a new customer or supplier.

Users can then add any other details that are required to complete the form, before hitting the tick icon to confirm the new customer or supplier.

How does it help?

Entering information into a form can be time consuming, and completely unnecessary if users have already added those same details to their phone. This new option helps business owners to become that little bit more efficient, whilst also reducing the chances of any errors being made by inputting those details manually.

Learn more about our time saving features designed to help reduce bookkeeping errors >

Liam Yapp

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