Pandle Update: Identify Auto-Confirmed Imported Transactions

Some rules, like only speaking when you’re spoken to or getting your 8 hours of sleep in, are made to be broken, but others can actually be pretty darned useful. We like to think of our Bank Rules feature as Exhibit A when it comes to useful rules, especially where your bookkeeping is concerned.

Our newest update takes things to the next level by introducing the same auto-confirmed transaction alert message that’s already in place for Bank Feeds, to your Bank Imports. Try saying that sentence quickly three times (but not in front of a mirror – you might summon a developer).

Using Bank Rules to manage transactions in Pandle

Creating Bank Rules safely automates some of the most time-consuming bookkeeping processes. Just select ‘Bank Rules’ from the Banking menu in Pandle’s navigation (or take the tour to get started) to create and edit rules.

Identify Auto-Confirmed Imported Transactions image 1

Once they’re set up you can even let Pandle auto-confirm transactions for you, leaving you to focus on other things whilst transactions are categorised, payments are matched, and tax codes are assigned in the background.

To make sure everything’s crystal clear, Pandle lets you know how many transactions are auto-confirmed, but until now this alert message wasn’t available for transactions entered using imports. And we couldn’t just leave it at that, could we?

Keeping track of auto-confirmed imported transactions

If you’re not using automatic bank feeds, then using bank imports helps minimise the time you spend on manual data entry. Rather than tapping away at your keyboard, you can upload your banking transactions straight into your bookkeeping.

You can set up Bank Rules to confirm these transactions just like bank feed transactions, but until now there was no easy way to check how many of your imports Pandle had auto-confirmed. Which meant we had more work to do.

You’ll still import your transactions in exactly the same way. Just select Bank Accounts from the Banking menu, and click on the ‘Enter Transactions’ button. But now when you view the confirmation screen, Pandle will show you an alert which lets you know exactly how many imported transactions have been auto-confirmed by your bank rule.

Identify Auto-Confirmed Imported Transactions image 7
Identify Auto-Confirmed Imported Transactions image 2

You’ll also see a column showing the number of transactions confirmed for that import (as well as how many are still in draft waiting for your attention).

Identify Auto-Confirmed Imported Transactions image 2

You’ll be able to check that imported transactions are being safely taken care of by your bank rules, without needing to spend time identifying them first. If you have any questions, or accidentally summoned a developer and need to return them, just let us know.

Find out more about Pandle’s time-saving Banking features, and create your free account.

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