Powered up Pandle: The Second Performance Update

When we rolled out our recent performance update to enhance Pandle’s operating speed, our developers had a few more tricks tucked away up their sleeves.

We don’t just want Pandle to be the simplest bookkeeping software out there. We also want it to be the slickest, loading every page quickly and efficiently to allow our users to work at lightning speed.

So, in addition to our intuitive bookkeeping features, error-detection algorithms and real-time warning notifications actively helping you keep an eye on your data, we’ve now got a series of new performance upgrades to power up Pandle.

Optimised records loading

The financial transactions page is one of Pandle’s busiest , which isn’t surprising as it’s the beating heart of everyone’s bookkeeping.

Our technical team devised have restructured the way that Pandle loads the records which show your financial transactions. This makes the loading process smoother, with an average 20% increase in load speeds, so you can get to your data and start crunching numbers even faster.

Shaving seconds off load times might not sound like a big deal but as anyone who’s ever used dial-up internet (or held a plank position in the gym) knows, some seconds just seem much longer than others.

Pandle Load Speed - Before Update
Loading Speed – Before Update

Pandle Improved Load Speed - After Update
Loading Speed – After Update

A consistently brilliant bookkeeping experience

A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link, so we work hard to make sure that every area of Pandle is firing on all cylinders for a consistently high performance. We’ve recently undertaken work to further improve the way that errors and requests are handled, increasing Pandle’s stability throughout the system.

Some processing tasks have also been moved into the background so that the information you want is readily available whenever you need it, without placing strain on other processes, or having to wait for things to load. This means that reporting functions, like our Trial Balance report, generate faster so you can get at the good stuff even quicker.

Smaller download sizes for a smoother connection

Downloading pages on a slow connection can make even the most patient people grind their teeth. Fortunately, we’ve developed a way to optimise how Pandle loads in a variety of areas, which reduces the download size of every page.

So, for us less technically minded folk, this means that all the different pages you use in Pandle will load more quickly, because they’re smaller. Hurray!

It’s good news for your pearly whites, and great news for frustration-free bookkeeping – so that’s two reasons to smile.

Find out more about using Pandle to make your business accounting easier, or get started with your free account.

Charlie Bilsborrow

A digital marketing executive specialising in graphic design, motion graphics and web development. When I'm not working hard making things look jazzy, I can usually be found making comics, playing games or stuck in a book.

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