Pandle Update: Selecting Receipt Uploads by Month

Wouldn’t it be great if you could do your housekeeping in bulk? If you could somehow do everything at once, rather than working laboriously through one load of washing at a time. Well, finding bulk solutions for faster, easier bookkeeping is the sort of financial housekeeping we live and breathe here at Pandle.

Because we know you’d rather spend more time on your business than on clicking boxes, our latest update combines the convenience of bulk selections with the effortless organisation of our Receipt Uploads feature.

What is Pandle’s Receipt Uploads tool?

With Receipt Uploads you can use your device to quickly snap a picture of your receipts or other paperwork, and attach it to your transactions, quotes, and invoices in Pandle.

It means businesses can say goodbye to the classic shoeboxes full of receipts, and instead keep everything organised, even while on the move.

Manage receipts quickly with bulk actions

We recently released an update so that Pandle users can bulk-delete the receipt uploads they no longer need. It means that you can select the documents you want to remove, and then delete them all in one go, rather than one at a time.

Now we’ve turned our bulk-handling attentions to the way users select documents. With this latest update, you can now select an entire month’s worth of uploads with one simple click!

Selecting receipt uploads by month

Receipt uploads can be reached by clicking on Tools > Receipt Uploads.

Pandle Update: Selecting Receipt Uploads by Month 1

As standard your documents are organised by calendar month, according to the date that you upload them. However, you’ll now also see a checkbox next to the heading for each month.

Pandle Update: Selecting Receipt Uploads by Month 2

Ticking the box means that all the documents uploaded in that month will be selected at once, rather than having to click through them all one-by-one. Goodbye Repetitive Strain Injury, and hello to a new world of efficiency and ease!

Pandle Update: Selecting Receipt Uploads by Month 3

What if the Receipt Uploads feature isn’t available?

Receipt Uploads is a feature on Pandle Pro. If you’re a Pro user and Receipt Uploads doesn’t show in the Tools dropdown menu, you’ll need to enable the feature in your Company Settings.

Just head to your Company Settings page, then select the Financial Info screen and tick the box next to ‘Does the business use receipt uploads?’

Pandle Update: Selecting Receipt Uploads by Month 4

It’s just another way to save you time and effort in your bookkeeping, with as little fuss as possible. We’ll ask the developers to take a bow.

Learn more about Pandle’s time saving features for small business bookkeeping, or start your free trial of Pandle Pro. No card details required, and no contracts if you do enrol – just cancel at any time.



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