Pandle Update: Detailed Customer Credit Limit Notifications

Having too much of a good thing can sometimes leave us feeling a bit sorry for ourselves. But, when it comes to managing the finances of your business, there’s no such thing as too much information. Every scrap of insight is essential knowledge (and that equals power).

We’re enthusiastic about simple bookkeeping, but we also know how important it is to easily access detailed information about your business when you need it. Which is why our latest update means you’ll see more detailed customer credit limit warnings, right when you need them most.

Did you know you can set customer credit limits in Pandle?

Creating Customers in Pandle helps you manage their information more efficiently. It also allows you to set credit limits, so if they’re regularly late paying you can limit how much they owe at any one time.

Making more informed invoicing decisions

Pandle helps you stay in control of your customers by notifying you if a new invoice will take your customer over their credit limit.

To make this even more user friendly the warning notification now includes more details about what the customer’s balance will be if you continue.

Pandle Update: Detailed Customer Credit Limit Notifications 1

That way you have everything you need to make a more informed decision about whether or not to proceed. If you choose to continue, you’ll see an additional reminder notification that your client is over their credit limit. To make sure we’ve got all your bases covered, your customer’s balance will also be highlighted to remind you:

Pandle Update: Detailed Customer Credit Limit Notifications 2

We’re with you, we hate late payers too.

What if I want to change or remove the customer’s credit limit?

You can edit or remove a customer’s credit limit at any time from the Customers menu option in Pandle. From here you can edit other customer details too, just select the ‘Edit’ icon next to the customer that you want to update.

Pandle Update: Detailed Customer Credit Limit Notifications 3

Then you can either increase the limit, or delete it entirely to remove restrictions on that customer.

Once you save the changes, the balance for that customer will no longer be highlighted, so you know all is well, and set up exactly how you want it.

Pandle Update: Detailed Customer Credit Limit Notifications 4

Which is exactly how easy we think it should be to manage your bookkeeping!

Find out more about Pandle’s features for keeping you in control of your business accounts.

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