Pandle Update: Include Projects When Importing Customer and Supplier Invoices

Nobody wants to waste hours on data entry if they can help it, which is precisely why Pandle has so many time-saving tools to speed up bookkeeping. We’re all about making things as simple as possible, so you can focus on what matters the most in your business.

For example, even if you don’t use Pandle to create and send invoices, you can still use our invoice import tool. That way you can export your invoices from the system that you are using, and then upload them into Pandle without needing to type everything out again.

We’ve already been showing our invoice imports some love recently, with an update to populate tax codes automatically, but we’re not stopping there. Our latest update adds another string to our timesaving bow, so now you can include projects when importing invoices too!

Keeping track of every project’s finances

Pandle Projects lets you organise transactions, notes, and attachments according to every job you take on. It makes it much easier to manage expenses and maintain profitability for your projects.

Our latest update means that when you import your invoices it’s now even easier to link them to your projects. Rather than uploading your invoices into Pandle and then using the confirmation screen to select a project, you can include the project name when you import customer or supplier invoices instead.

Include Projects When Importing Customer and Supplier Invoices Image 1

Pandle will use this to assign the invoice to the correct project, so you won’t need to select it manually when you confirm your import into Pandle.

Include Projects When Importing Customer and Supplier Invoices Image 4

But don’t worry if you miss one from your list or need to change your mind, you can still edit it in the confirmation screen. We want bookkeeping to be as straightforward as possible, after all.
Get started with Pandle’s bookkeeping tools and create your free account, or test out Pandle Pro for a free 14 day trial – no card details necessary.

Ronan Ferguson

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