Pandle Update: Flagging Bank Feed Transactions in Locked Accounting Periods

You know what’s worse than finding a forgotten cup by the side of the sofa after you’ve finished the washing up? Not finding it for months. The same applies to your bookkeeping. Being alerted to possible issues is always better than having them develop into a full-blown crisis in the future.

It’s why we’re here to announce a new feature that lets you know when imported bank feed transactions are within a company’s locked period.

First off, what are Bank Feeds and Transaction Locking?

To start from the beginning, our Bank Feeds and Transaction Locking features are just two examples of how Pandle helps to simplify your bookkeeping.

    • With Bank Feeds you can connect your bank account to Pandle, and transactions will flow into your bookkeeping effortlessly. It cuts down on time-consuming data entry, so you can confirm your transactions quickly and easily.


  • Which is where our Transaction Locking feature steps in. In Pandle you can lock transactions up to a date you choose. It protects you from entering transactions in completed periods by mistake, for example for a previous financial year or VAT return period which has already been submitted.

Easily monitor transactions in locked periods

Sometimes if transactions have been pending in your bank account, the period they belong to is already locked by the time they are processed by the bank.

To help protect your bookkeeping from errors, you’ll now see a notification if the bank feed pulls transactions into Pandle which are dated within a locked period. That way there’s less risk of transactions sneaking into completed accounting periods and causing errors.

When you go to confirm your transactions, a warning message will let you know if any of the transactions are within your locked period.

Pandle Update: Flagging Bank Feed Transactions in Locked Accounting Periods

To make things clearer, only draft transactions will be flagged. Any transactions that you delete from your feed won’t trigger an alert, and instead will be moved to the Ignored tab in case you need to review them at a later date.

We might not be able to help you with rogue mugs, but developing housekeeping tools for good accounting is definitely our cup of tea.

Learn more about Pandle’s features to help reduce errors in your bookkeeping, and get started with your free account.

Liam Yapp

Marketing Executive and Part-Time Copywriter. If I'm not working on our next big marketing push, you'll probably find me outside, basking in the sun and walking the dog.

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