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Create and send invoices that get you paid on time, every time

It's time to supercharge your whole invoicing process. Get paid faster and secure more work with our free customisable invoice and quote templates, automated customer payment reminders, and online payment portal.

Supports multiple currencies

Easy to use, customisable invoicing software

Send customisable quotes and invoices to clients at the drop of a hat, whether at your PC or on the move. Upload your logo, add payment terms, and hit send to start making those sales without a wonky word document in sight.

Easy to use, customisable invoicing software
Get paid three times faster by your customers

Get paid three times faster by your customers

Add a ‘Pay Now’ button to take card payments directly from your invoices. Our Pandle Pay invoices are paid up to three times quicker than a standard invoice! Now those are the kind of numbers we can get behind.

No more chasing late invoice payments

Set up automated payment reminders to keep customers on track without sending in the heavies. Simply set when and how often to send your payment reminder emails. You can also set default payments terms and credit limits for each customer, to manage your invoicing more effectively.

No more chasing late invoice payments
Invoicing tools which save you time

Invoicing tools which save you time

Set up customer groups and create recurring customer invoices to save time and simplify your invoicing process. Our real-time exchange rate tool also helps keep things simple for businesses who invoice in multiple currencies, whilst you keep your eyes on the prize.

Backing businesses of all shapes and sizes

Join over 90,000 users currently benefiting from our easy to use, intuitive bookkeeping software.

Explore Pandle's Invoicing Features


Quickly create customised quotes and invoices on-the-go to secure more work and get paid faster than ever before. Managing your invoices more efficiently will mean you never miss a payment again.

Professional, customised templates

Get your invoices ready for their close-up, and give them a professional makeover with our easy-to-use personalised invoice templates, ready to go with your logo and customised email.

Split invoices for maximum accuracy

Breaking up is hard to do, but sometimes splitting invoices is just what you need. Pandle can split customer and supplier invoices between specific categories and tax codes to maximise reporting accuracy.

Quick and easy credit notes

Give credit where it’s due, and add credit notes to your bookkeeping records with ease. Pandle's credit notes feature helps you keep customer and supplier accounts up-to-date, reduce errors, and minimise confusion.

Faster invoicing with less effort

Save precious time by creating customer groups to invoice the same amount, all in one go. Set up recurring invoicing to happen in the background, and leave Pandle to assign invoice payments automatically to the correct invoice.


Snaffle up work like a hungry, hungry hippo by sending out quotes in seconds using our customisable templates. Then simply accept, decline, or convert them into invoices without duplicating work or effort.

Create quotes from anywhere

Take business with you when you leave the house. Pandle Mobile lets you create and send quotes to customers, even on emergency trips to the loo roll aisle of the shops.

Send quotes in a flash

Secure more work by acting fast. Usain Bolt fast. Pandle uses information you’ve already entered to pre-populate your customer details for you.

Complete visibility at all times

You can export customer quotes or send them directly from Pandle itself. Then easily search and review outstanding quotes to follow-up with stragglers who need reminding you’re the best.

Update and revise quotes with ease

Effortlessly update the status of your quotes with Pandle or respond to feedback and make changes. You can mark them as accepted, declined, or convert them into invoices within seconds.

Pandle Pay

Power-up your invoicing with Pandle Pay. Just add our payment button and accept customer card payments online, directly from your invoice – with less risk of customers getting distracted on the way.

Get paid 3 x quicker

Pandle Pay invoices take an average 8 days to be paid; the average for standard invoices is 32 days. That's some serious improvement in your cash flow!

Maximum security for your customers

Turn your business into a fearsome fortress of security. Pandle Pay uses Stripe’s world class SSL security payment gateway, keeping you and your customers safe and secure.

Automatically assign invoice payments

Payments that customers make through Pandle Pay are automatically assigned to the correct invoice in Pandle, saving you time and reducing the risk of pesky errors cropping up and causing chaos.

Complete control over your transactions

With your Stripe account integrated with Pandle you will have full visibility of the payments into your business – who paid which invoice, at what time, and how much. So you're never lost at sea, like Larry. Silly Larry.

Payment Reminders

Spend less time phoning or emailing round your customers and focus on what really matters. Schedule automated payment reminders, and Pandle will politely follow up those unpaid invoices for you.

Effortlessly improve your cash flow

Sleep more easily at night, and improve cash flow without lifting a finger (or thumb). Setting up payment reminders will make sure money comes into your business when it’s supposed to.

Friendly but firm payment reminders

Follow-up on unpaid invoices without losing your sense of humour. Our automated payment reminder tool lets you adjust the tone of your message to be as stern or friendly as you need it to be, whilst staying on-brand.

Credit control as often as you need it

Our Payment Reminders feature puts you in control of how many credit control reminders to send, and when – making your life simpler than falling off a log.

Spend time on the things that matter

Why spend hours every month chasing money you’re owed? Simply set up Payment Reminders to do the job for you, whilst you focus on growing your business.


Our Customers tools help save you time on admin, reduce the risk of embarrassing errors, and keep you in control of your clients. Not like mind control though, that would be a step too far.

Never do the same job twice

Create customer profiles or import your customer details straight into Pandle, to pre-populate invoices and emails quickly, accurately, and easily. It’s a bookkeeping hat-trick.

Control your customers' credit

Pandle allows you to set customer credit limits, keeping you in control of who owes you money without needing to be a memory wizard.

Group customers to save time

Do you invoice a group of customers the same amount each month? Save precious time by creating a customer group on Pandle then invoicing them all one go. Efficiency ahoy!

Keep your customers in the loop

Our customer statements provide a breakdown of every invoice, customer receipt or credit note you issue, keeping everyone in the loop with how much is left to pay.


Good suppliers are at the heart of any blossoming business, so keep yours close. Pandle makes supplier management a breeze, reducing your admin time and helping you run things more efficiently.

Recording supplier invoices with ease

Create a profile for each supplier and their details are ready to populate when entering invoices, ensuring fewer errors in your bookkeeping records. You can even attach paper invoices to your records using our Receipt Uploads feature.

Never forget a thing

Keep the impressive feats of memory as a post-dinner party trick, and use Notes to create reminders, ensuring you’re always on top of any potential issues that could affect your business.

Keeping an eagle eye on efficiency

Run supplier reports and monitor your spending with them, so you have the facts at your fingers tips ready to negotiate a better price or preferential service.

Supplier payment reminders

Pandle allows you to set reminders to help you pay your supplier invoices before they’re due, so you don’t have to worry about your kneecaps.

Live chat support when you need it most

Get the most out of Pandle with in-built tours, guides and live chat support – so you will always have access to the answers you need, when you need them.




Bank imports

Send quotes & invoices

Business reports

Mobile app

Accept payments with Pandle Pay

Payment reminders

Multiple currencies

No usage limits

VAT submissions

Recurring transactions

Pandle Pro


Per Month + VAT

All features of Pandle plus...

Bank feeds

Receipt uploads


Cash flow forecasting

User permissions

PayPal feeds

Premium invoice templates

Mileage tracker

Live chat support

No card details needed for trial

Pandle isn't just invoicing software, it's cloud-based bookkeeping software with invoicing features built in. It means that each time you create and send an invoice, Pandle also records the information in your bookkeeping, so you don't have to re-enter the information again separately in a different system.

Not at all! We know that some accounting software providers restrict the number of customers you can add or invoices you can send, but not us! Pandle will work alongside you as your business grows, without charging you more for the privilege. You can create, edit, and remove as many customers, suppliers, invoices, and quotes as you need to.

Only if you send them invoices with a Pandle Pay link, or if you tell them yourselves! We never share data, and Pandle uses the same encryption technology that banks use on their websites, so their details are safe with us.

Yes, you can, and Pro users can also select from a larger range of invoice templates.

Our invoicing tools are part of our free bookkeeping software – which is everyone’s favourite price! The only feature which you cannot use for free is our premium invoice templates, which you can access on Pandle Pro for £5 + VAT per month. Pandle Pro is billed on a no-contract rolling monthly basis, which you can cancel at any time.

You can send invoices in any currency you need to! Pandle includes a Multiple Currencies real-time conversion rate tool so you only need to select your customer’s currency and Pandle will do the rest automatically, using the latest currency conversion exchange rates.

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