Pandle Update: Our New Logo and Improved Menu Navigation

Even if you have a fair idea of where you’re going, finding your way can be tricky, especially when you’re in a hurry to get things done. When it comes to navigating your accounting software, we think things should be as easy as possible. After all, running a business is already complicated enough.

Following valuable feedback from our users, we decided it was time to rethink our current menu navigation.

So, without further ado… it’s time to unveil Pandle’s new and improved menu layout and navigation, to get you where you want to go, faster than ever before.

But not only that. We’ve also updated our logo with a fresh new look! We would love to hear what you think?

A logo which aligns with what we do

Since July 2015 we’ve been on a mission to make simple bookkeeping as accessible as possible for all small business owners. A lot has changed in this short space of time, and we thought it was the right time for our logo to change too.

After celebrating hitting the 50,000 user mark and more than a few design meetings, revisions and late night espressos, we’re finally ready to make the big reveal!

Our previous logo update in 2017 was more evolution than revolution. This time around we felt a complete design overhaul was needed, to ensure our new logo matched the simplicity of our software.

We’re feeling pretty fresh right now.

But really, it’s about you, not us. Which is why our new look includes changes which enhance the Pandle user experience. Sit tight, we’ll take you on the tour!

Easily find everything you need for straightforward bookkeeping

We’ve now added new ‘Customers’, ‘Suppliers’ and ‘Banking’ options to our top-level menu, with each option being given its own dropdown menu. From now on this is how you will access your ‘view’ pages in Pandle, such as viewing your customer invoices, supplier credit notes, or bank accounts.

Pandle Update: Improving our Menu Navigation and Updating our Logo 1


If you want to add anything ‘new’ (such as a new customer invoice), you will use the Quick Links menu, just like before.

Viewing your customer or supplier data

Accessing any information relating to either Customers, Suppliers (or Banking) previously meant clicking ‘Enter Transactions’ and then opening the tab you needed.

Not anymore though. To manage your customers, customer invoices, or credit notes, just click ‘Customers’ and select which option you need from the dropdown menu.

Pandle Update: Improving our Menu Navigation and Updating our Logo 2


The same applies to Suppliers, too. You’ll be able to manage your suppliers, supplier invoices and credit notes just like before, but now you can find them quickly and easily from wherever you are in Pandle. Ta-da!

Banking tools right where you need them

‘Banking’ also now has a place in our top-level navigation, with its own dedicated dropdown menu. ‘Bank Rules’ has moved to join it, from its previous home under the ‘Tools’ menu, helping to keep all of your Banking features in one place.

Pandle Update: Improving our Menu Navigation and Updating our Logo 3

Finding the accounting features that you rely on

Our navigational menu now also includes a new tab for ‘Accounting’. This groups together Pandle’s essential accounting features, all in one place. You’ll find your View Transactions, Categories, Adjustments and Opening Balance pages together under Accounting.

It became clear after speaking to users that Adjustments was a bit too hidden away before. So, to make sure the ‘Adjustments’ tool is easier to access, we’ve now included this in the dedicated ‘Accounting’ tab on the top-level menu, saving you from having to navigate through the Categories page first to find it.

Pandle Update: Improving our Menu Navigation and Updating our Logo 4


And lastly, the new ‘Accounting’ dropdown also houses the ‘Open Balance’ feature, which has moved from its old location under the ‘Tools’ menu.

Creating and adding information

These new dropdown menus allow you to view and manage your information more intuitively, which is great news for being able to use Pandle more efficiently.

But we also know how important it is to be able to create and add new records quickly too. So don’t worry, to make sure you can do just that, and in as few clicks as possible, our Quick Links menu is still right where you need it. We’ve also added options to create new credit notes for suppliers and customers.

Pandle Update: Improving our Menu Navigation and Updating our Logo 4

Small changes…

Our old menu icon has been upgraded to a gear icon, and is still where you can manage your Company Settings, Document Settings and personal preferences – just like before.

We’ve also moved the colour palette options to ‘Your Profile’. If you like Pandle to be orange and not blue, we would never want to take that away from you. The colour wheel will be waiting in its new home, just select it as normal to open, and choose your preferred Pandle palette.

We would love to hear any thoughts you have on our new menu! Please head to the live chat facility within Pandle if you have any feedback for us.

Learn more about Pandle’s timesaving bookkeeping features for your business, or create your free account to get started.

Liam Yapp

Marketing Executive and Part-Time Copywriter. If I'm not working on our next big marketing push, you'll probably find me outside, basking in the sun and walking the dog.

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