Pandle Update: Improved Customer Management

Organising the finances in your business can help you run operations more efficiently, especially when it comes to keeping an eye on your customers. After all, paying customers are at the heart of keeping your cash flow healthy.

But when you’re running a business, and probably wearing a lot of different hats in the process, making sure your customers stay on track isn’t always that easy. To take a bit more of that burden from you, our latest update makes further improvements to the way you manage customers in Pandle. There are plenty of bookkeeping tricks left in these sleeves yet!

Managing your customers alongside your bookkeeping

Our customers tool already helps Pandle users save a serious amount of time on admin. Enter someone’s details once, and you’ll be able to reuse that information at the touch of a button rather than writing everything out all over again, each time you need it.

You can even create customer groups to help you deal with clients in bulk. For instance, by sending clients in a group an invoice for the same thing, rather than invoicing them one by one.

Organising customer groups

Part of our juicy new customers update focuses on giving you more control over the way that you organise groups. You can now edit or delete your customer groups quickly and easily. Don’t worry though, even if you delete a group that they’re in, those customer profiles will still exist!

Click ‘Customers’ from the menu navigation to get started.

Improved Customer Management image 1

On the Customers tab, simply select the Customer Group that you want to edit or delete.

Improved Customer Management image 2

You’ll then be able to use the popup to change the name of the group, or delete it entirely.

Improved Customer Management image 3

Once it’s deleted, the customer group will disappear from the list on your ‘Customers’ tab, but their other information will still be safe. But just to make sure that your data is safe, and to avoid any errors complicating things, you’ll only be able to delete a group that hasn’t had any group invoices sent to it.

Improved Customer Management image 5

Reducing the risk of bookkeeping chaos should be our middle name. Might be a bit long though.

Showing customer groups on receivable reports

Whilst we were making improvements to our customer grouping tools, we realised it would be useful to include these groups on Pandle’s Receivables Report too. The report is always ticking along in the background each time new information is added to Pandle, so it’s always standing by to show you a list of all your customers, how much they owe, and whether or not they’re late paying their bills. It’s a useful tool for credit control and protecting cash flow.

Receivables reports now includes a ‘Customer Group’ column, so you’ll be able to sort by group, just like you can with the other data fields.

Improved Customer Management image 6

The column will also appear if you export your data to work on it in more detail. There are plenty of obstacles to running a successful business but if you ask us, managing customers in your bookkeeping shouldn’t be one of them.

Read more about our timesaving invoicing tools, or create your free Pandle account.

Ronan Ferguson

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