New Feature: Stripe Feed Balance Checks

It’s not always doom and gloom in the news, when the good news is that we’re releasing another great new Pandle update. Not all businesses use Stripe to handle online card payments, but for those that do, accurate account reconciliation is vital.

Matching what is happening in their Stripe account with what is showing in Pandle helps them to manage their cash flow, and identify any potential problems, but it’s not always straightforward to do.

Well, we’re dedicated to making bookkeeping as easy as possible, which is why we’re really excited to announce our Stripe Feed Balance Check.

Stripe Feed Balance Checks

It means that users will receive a notification if their Stripe balance shown in Pandle doesn’t match the balance shown in their Stripe account. Because the alert will also show the last date that the balances did match, it’s even easier for users to search for any discrepancies, and quickly resolve them.

Pandle users can view the Stripe Feed Balance Check through the Banking tab. A tick symbol next to the account shows that the balances currently match. Success!

Pandle Stripe Feed Balance Checks 1

The balance status is shown at the top of the account screen, so users can easily keep an eye on the status when checking and confirming transactions. The example below shows that the balances match, which is great!

When the balances do not match, a warning symbol will appear in the Banking tab. This just lets users know that it needs attention.

Hover the mouse over the warning symbol and an information box will pop up showing the date that the balances last matched.

Pandle bank feed balance checks 2

Making it much easier for users to know which date to check from when comparing their Stripe account to their Pandle balance, in order to find the discrepancy.

So, there we have it! Another stress reducing feature from Pandle to help resolve bookkeeping discrepancies as quickly and easily as possible.

Please note, it may take 2-3 working days for the balance check symbol to appear in Pandle whilst the transactions are being imported from Stripe, and balances are being matched.

Have you used the Stripe Feed Balance Check in Pandle yet? We’d love to hear your thoughts on it! Please leave us a comment below, contact us, or email

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