Pandle Update: Reducing the Risk of Payment Reminder Errors

We’re big believers in automating bookkeeping processes rather than doing things manually, so you have more time for the juicy bits of running a successful business.

Features like our Payment Reminders are key to freeing up your time, but we’re aware that automating these time-saving activities also has the potential to create unwitting errors in your bookkeeping – something which shivers us to our very core.

Our latest product update helps keep the risk of those accounting errors as low as possible, so you can create and edit payment reminders in Pandle with less chance of any mistakes cropping up. Three cheers for having a sharp set of digital eyes on your side!

What are payment reminders?

In an ideal world, customers will pay the very moment they receive your invoice. We certainly try to make it as easy as possible for them with Pandle Pay!

But to help keep things on track you can create payment reminders to automate the process of reminding customers when there are unpaid invoices which need their attention.

To make things as flexible as possible you can schedule these to send at intervals before the invoice due date, as well as afterwards.

Pandle Update: Reducing the Risk of Payment Reminder Errors 1


These reminders even have a customisable content box, keeping you in control of how you come across to clients – a friendly reminder or stern warning, it’s completely up to you.

How do I set up Payment Reminders in Pandle?

Our article about setting up automated payment reminders in Pandle explains things in more detail, but to get started, just click the cog icon on your Pandle dashboard, then Document Settings.

Pandle Update: Reducing the Risk of Payment Reminder Errors 2


Then select the Invoice Options tab, and check the box to send automated reminders. Once you’re ready, just click ‘Set Reminders’ to edit any existing reminders, or add new ones.

Pandle Update: Reducing the Risk of Payment Reminder Errors 3

Dynamically flagging potential errors in payment reminders

With greater flexibility comes the risk of making mistakes. For example, writing the amount owed by one customer in the payment reminder template, and sending it out to all your clients. I know, terrifying.

This can also cause all sorts of confusion, and quite possibly some stressful telephone calls. Fortunately, our lovely development team came up with the perfect solution!

If you enter a number or currency symbol in the content field when editing or creating payment reminders, you’ll now see a prompt to double check you want to go ahead once you press save.

Pandle Update: Reducing the Risk of Payment Reminder Errors 4


The alert will ask if you’d like to use tags instead of writing a specific amount into your template. Using tags allows Pandle to only pull through information relevant to the customer you’re contacting – we highly recommend this!

That way the amount is always accurate based on your bookkeeping records, and you won’t need to look anything up or have any awkward conversations!

Pandle Update: Reducing the Risk of Payment Reminder Errors 5


It saves time and it helps reduce the risk of errors – now that’s a Pandle double-whammy. Guys, we’re putting this one up on the fridge.

Learn more about Pandle’s timesaving invoicing tools, or get hands-on with your free Pandle account.

Ronan Ferguson

Junior Marketing Executive and Part-Time Copywriter. When I'm not working, you'll likely find me in a boxing gym, or knocking balls around with a wooden stick on a green baize.

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Cassius Krendler
Cassius Krendler
7th June 2021 12:00 pm

Automatic payment reminders only make sense if the invoice payment consolidation is ALSO automated. As long as we have to manually check if a bill has been paid and manually mark it as paid (even those paid through Pandle Pay, oddly), automated reminders are just too risky. In theory, a client can pay me 1 minute after I last checked my bookkeeping and 2 minutes before the automatic reminder goes out. Or overnight, if you’re dealing w/ international clients.

What I would find extremely useful is the alternative of triggering manual reminders. I.e. I check my bookkeeping, consolidate all paid invoices, end up with a handful that are overdue in my list and select those to trigger a payment reminder right then and there.

The advantage: the very moment I send the reminder, I know the invoice was definitely unpaid, no no egg on our faces. If I rely on an automated system, it’s bound to fire the odd reminders just after a payment has come in and before we have had a chance to check.

And yes, for the time being, we won’t touch the auto-reminders and have them switched off.

Elizabeth Hughes
Elizabeth Hughes
8th June 2021 9:25 am

Hi Cassius

Thanks very much for the feedback, it’s really useful for us! I’ve passed your comments on to our development team. If you need any help in the meantime, just let us know.

Best wishes