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Don't let your stock control you, manage your inventory with Items

Items is our quick, easy to use stock control and inventory management system for your products and services. Automatically track stock levels in real-time by adding items to your invoices to quickly populate all the details you need.

Stock control without limits

Some inventory management systems cap the number of listings you can create, but not Pandle. Enter all the products you need to process your sales and automatically update your stock levels in real time.

Stock control without limits
Inventory software for services

Inventory software for services

Organise your items, no matter what you buy or sell. Use untracked items to record the things that you don’t need to adjust stock levels for, like services, or goods you buy but don’t sell. Easy peasy Pandle squeezy.

Invoices with built-in stock management

Add items to your invoices and Pandle will populate descriptions, prices, and tax codes for you automatically. It’s bookkeeping software with stock control tools built in, keeping retail and ecommerce businesses in perfect harmony.

Invoices with built-in stock management
Never sell an out of stock item again

Never sell an out of stock item again

See alerts if there isn’t enough stock to fulfil an invoice, then decide whether to press ahead knowing you have stock on the way, or inform your customer of the issue before it becomes a bigger problem.

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Organise the products your business buys and/or sells to track stock levels and manage your invoicing more efficiently, with a lot less effort.

Revalue items with ease

There may be times that you need to amend the value your items, such as if demand drops, or the price changes. With Pandle you can also set a revaluation date, so the changes only take effect from that point onwards. Future proof.

Quickly write off damaged goods

Accidents happen and products can get damaged or lost (just ask some FBA sellers). When this happens, you will need to write-off these items from your balance sheet. Luckily Pandle allows you to do just that!

Manage stock, track profits

Track the value of the stock that you buy and the products that you sell, so you know the true value of your stock room and have the information you need to help keep profit margins strong, like an ox. A stocky ox.

Know what you have available

Never sell what you don’t have available. Pandle automatically adjusts stock levels every time you use an item on an invoice, helping you see inside your stock room without needing to step through the door.


Create items for the services that you provide or purchase from suppliers to speed up your invoicing process, and make doing your banking a doddle.

Inventory management for services

Understand what sells in your business, and what services you regularly pay for. Speed up entering your supplier invoices and keep a close eye on areas of overspending.

Keep a close eye on your projects

Create items to manage the services you offer as part of specific projects so you can keep track of where the job was profitable, and what may need tweaking next time round.

Live chat support when you need it most

Get the most out of Pandle with in-built tours, guides and live chat support – so you will always have access to the answers you need, when you need them.




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Absolutely! Pandle is cloud-based bookkeeping software which includes stock and inventory management tools, so everything is in one place.

Stock refers to the finished products that you sell to your customers. Inventory includes stock items, but also includes the goods, tools, and materials that you need to produce the sale. It’s why Pandle allows you to create tracked or untracked items, so you can record whatever you need to!

You don’t have to, but it can make running a business much easier. You’ll be able to keep track of everything in your business, use the information to populate invoices more quickly, and it can help you be more efficient, too.

Pandle is bookkeeping software with inventory management built into the Pro version, available for £5 + VAT per month. There are no contracts or minimum term agreements, just sign up on a rolling monthly basis, and cancel if it’s not for you.

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