Pandle Update: Introducing Check Tab Counters

We know running a business can be complicated, and that this usually means you have all sorts of things to try and remember every day. To minimise the number of post-it notes cluttering up your desk, we previously introduced transaction counters on our Imported Transactions screen, so users can easily identify if there are bank transactions to confirm.

Well now our lovely developers are back, building on this good work. Our new update adds those counters to all of Pandle’s check tabs, so you can easily see when something still needs your attention. Sit tight, and we’ll take you through it. Just don’t tell the developers we think they’re lovely.

What do we mean by Pandle’s Check tabs?

We’ll start at the beginning. Pandle has all sorts of time-saving features designed to help users get information into their bookkeeping as quickly and easily as possible. From direct Bank Feeds, to our Import tools for customer and supplier lists and bank transactions, we’re really keen on minimising manual data-entry.

Pandle’s Check tabs are there so you can review and confirm the information which you import, such as bank transactions or customer imports, just to make sure everything matches up how it’s supposed to.

Counting down your jobs list

Thanks to this latest update, you’ll now see a counter on every relevant Check tab, showing how many imported transactions or customers are still patiently waiting to be confirmed.

For example, if you import supplier invoices, the Check tab will show a list of all the invoices that were included in that import, so you can confirm the information is correct.

The counter on the Check tab will show you how many invoices are waiting to be confirmed into Pandle. If you were checking a list of imported customers, then the counter will indicate how many customers are left for you to confirm, and so on.

To make it as clear as possible, the counter updates in real time, so the number will decrease as you confirm your invoices. Once you confirm everything, the counter will show ‘0’, and then won’t show again until there’s an item that needs checking.

It just makes it easier to keep track of what needs doing without going to extra effort. After all, we’re big fans of simple bookkeeping, and we’ll keep on reminding you about it.

Learn more about Pandle’s time-saving bookkeeping features, and create your own account to get started.

Ronan Ferguson

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