Pandle Update: Maintaining Performance During Peak Usage Periods

Anyone who’s ever tried to buy gig tickets to their favourite band knows how frustrating it is when every other fan tries to buy their tickets at the same time, and the website falls over. Or you lose out on the last pair of shoes in your size because the website servers weren’t ready for the influx of sales. Annoying stuff.

But if this happens when you’re trying to deal with your business’ finances, the consequences can be much more serious. It’s why we’ve completely changed the way that Pandle deals with peak usage periods, to make sure performance never wavers. Sit tight, and we’ll talk (or sing) you through it.

Fast, stable bookkeeping

Everyone’s business is different, but there are some points in the accounting calendar which are just naturally busier than others, such as the run up to the Self Assessment deadline, or VAT return periods.

So that everyone can go about their business in Pandle without compromising other users’ experience, we’ve recently restructured Pandle’s architecture using a process known as dockerisation.

It means we can deploy changes, updates, or bug fixes to Pandle quicker and more efficiently than ever before, whilst ensuring everything stays stable and secure for all users. As a result of this restructuring we have also been able to add autoscaling, which is the real star of this show.

Responding to high volume usage with autoscaling

Autoscaling allows Pandle to react when there’s a particularly high volume of users, like at the end of a VAT period, or when a few users are processing high volumes of transactions, for example.

Pandle will detect this unusually high usage, and automatically connect new servers to make sure performance levels are maintained for all users. Then, once usage starts returning to normal, the extra servers will automatically shut down, reducing any power waste.

Whilst we might not be able to secure your backstage passes, efficient bookkeeping will always be music to our ears.

Learn more about Pandle’s time-saving bookkeeping tools and features, and create your free account.

Elizabeth Hughes

A content writer specialising in business, finance, software, and beyond. I'm a wordsmith with a penchant for puns and making complex subjects accessible.

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