Pandle Update: Improvements to Recurring Transactions

Automating the most repetitive accounting processes can be a terrific way to reduce the amount of time and effort spent on bookkeeping. Simply set up a recurring invoice or transaction, and let technology handle the rest. Perfect.

But, this can also increase the risk complacency, leaving invoices to automatically repeat until the end of time (or at least until the customer complains). So, we’ve tinkered away make this process even better for users, and a whole lot easier to control.

Reducing bookkeeping errors

Here at Pandle HQ we’re passionate about taking pre-emptive action to solve accounting software problems. After popping on our thinking caps, we decided to add the ability for users to set an end date or a number of occurrences when creating their recurring transactions.

Simple, yet effective. Just like Pandle.

Manage recurring transactions with Pandle

Before we developed this new feature, users would have had to remember to cancel any recurring invoices or transactions manually. But, we wanted a more elegant solution than users having to set reminders.

Which is why users creating a recurring transaction can now set how many times they want this to occur, before stopping. This helps to provide more control and of course, being Pandle, reduces the potential for time consuming errors!

For example, a freelancer or contractor billing the same monthly amount for the duration of a project can make sure they don’t accidentally overcharge their customer. Plus, it makes it even easier for users to keep track of their cash flow, what money they can expect in, and when this will stop.

Keep control of recurring transactions

The process for setting up a recurring transaction in Pandle hasn’t changed; there’s just an extra field where users can set an end date or a number of occurrences for the transaction.

Pandle Update: Improvements to Recurring Transactions

The number of occurrences will populate automatically based on the options selected in the repeat section, but this can also be edited. When this field is changed, Pandle will automatically update the rest of the set up to match.

And just like that, there’s yet another tool to help Pandle users keep control of their bookkeeping and finance.

Our Recurring Transactions feature is a timesaving tool for users who regularly invoice customers or pay suppliers the same amount on a regular basis. Learn more about Pandle Recurring Transactions.

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