Pandle Update: Credit Limit Warnings on Recurring Invoices

Adding together the best ingredients is often a recipe for success, especially when it comes to bookkeeping software. That’s why our latest update combines two of our existing features, recurring invoices and customer credit limits, into one mega timesaving, error-reducing update.

Working together in harmony, you’ll now see a warning message if recurring an invoice will take a customer over their credit limit. It’s like having a chocolate biscuit with your cup of tea; they’re great by themselves, but marvellous when they’re together.

Recurring invoices in Pandle

Rather than spending time creating customer and supplier invoices for the same amount on a regular basis, you can set up recurring invoices and get Pandle to do it for you. It leaves you free to concentrate on all the other things clamouring for your attention.

They’re simple to set up. Just create an invoice as normal, and choose the ‘Save and Recur’ option.

Credit Limit Warnings on Recurring Invoices 1

You can even select a start and end date (or a number of occurrences if that’s easier than peering at the calendar), and set the frequency at which recurring invoices are sent.

Credit Limit Warnings on Recurring Invoices 2

Of course, knowledge is power, which is why we think you should have access to all the information you need to make well-informed decisions. So, to help you stay in control of what goes on in your business, our new update connects the dots between recurring invoices and customer credit limits.

If you hit the save button on a recurring invoice which takes the customer over their credit limit, Pandle will step in with a warning message showing your customer’s current credit limit, and what their new balance will be if you decide to continue.

Credit Limit Warnings on Recurring Invoices 3

You’ll only receive an alert if you have a credit limit set up for that customer though.

You can check this on the Customers screen in Pandle by clicking the ‘edit’ button next to a customer.

Credit Limit Warnings on Recurring Invoices 4

You’ll then be able to view or amend their credit limit (as well as all their other details).

Credit Limit Warnings on Recurring Invoices 5

It’s like a series of cogs working together in a well-synchronised bookkeeping machine, so you can manage your business more easily. And hopefully find time for tea and biscuits.

Find out more about Pandle’s time-saving features, and create your free account.

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