Pandle Update: Invoice Payment Indicators

Knowledge being power isn’t news, but it’s certainly still true. Accessible oversight to what’s really going on in a business’ finances is a key part of keeping things on track, reducing errors, and saving time.

This latest update is another step towards just that, making it even easier for our users to see exactly what’s going on with their customers and supplier invoices.

Colour coded customer payment indicators

This is one of those small-but-mighty additions that make bookkeeping with Pandle so refreshingly simple. It means our users can drill down into their customers’ and suppliers’ accounts and see whether each invoice has been paid in full or part paid, according to the colour coded payment indicator next to it. Plus, the payment status indicators are also displayed when users download a CSV or PDF statement.

To view these invoice payment indicators, users simply navigate to ‘Enter Transactions’, then from either the Customers or Suppliers tab, click the customer or supplier name to see a list of corresponding transactions.

Pandle Update:  Invoice Payment Indicators 1

To help make things even simpler, users can also hover over the payment indicator to see a more detailed explanation.

Pandle Update:  Invoice Payment Indicators 2

If there is no payment indicator visible next to the invoice, this means that the invoice is outstanding and is due to be paid.

Easy invoicing and payment handling

Pandle’s Customers and Suppliers features have a range of management tools that provide users with greater insight and control.

Users can group customers and set up recurring invoices for those who are invoiced the same amount each month, saving valuable time. Customer credit limits can also be implemented, whilst Pandle Notes helps makes sure that users always remember their next supplier payment.

It all helps users stay in control of their business’s finances, vital for maintaining a healthy cash flow. And that’s all part of providing powerful, simple bookkeeping software for all small businesses.

Create a free Pandle account to get started. If you’re an accountant or bookkeeper looking for software to help with your clients, learn more here.

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