Reports Now Live in Pandle Mobile

It’s the time of year where everyone longs to go outside and enjoy the weather so we figured it was the perfect time to announce our latest Pandle Mobile update, enabling our users to access all their financial information whilst on the move!

Using the range of Reports on the Pandle web app, users can understand where their business stands financially, so they can make more informed decisions as a result. Here at Pandle we know that business doesn’t always happen by a computer, which is why we’ve added Reports to Pandle Mobile.

Now businesses can use our Pandle Mobile app to stay on top of what’s happening wherever they go. Here’s a rundown of the financial Reports coming to a pocket near you.


Reports Now Live in Pandle Mobile

Profit and Loss

Also known as P&L (or P and L, and the source of our Pandle name!), having access to these basic business financials whilst on the move can help users make important decisions quickly and more efficiently. So, if the business needs to take on a new employees to cope with a sudden surge in demand, our users will know if they can afford it on the spot, without having to load up their computer.

Balance Sheet

Our Balance Sheet Report will now give Pandle Mobile users clear visibility of their business assets and any liabilities, usually within a set time period like an accounting quarter, or the financial year. Which means if a user bumps into a potential investor at dinner, their company’s health report is right at hand to help reel them in.

Trial Balance

Running a Trial Balance Report lets users keep an eye on their income, expenses, assets, and any liabilities for a set period. An on the spot snapshot of finances might prompt a completely different decision to resolve urgent issues that just can’t wait.

Cash Flow

This invaluable report provides a breakdown of a business’ cash flow based on its previous transactions. Our Pro users will also be able to view their Cash Flow Forecasting report on the app, enabling them to have constant visibility over what cash is forecasted to come in and out of their bank over the coming month, essential for strategic business planning.


Our Pandle Mobile users who have suppliers to pay can now keep track of what money is owed and when it needs to be paid, with just a few taps on their phone, from wherever they are in the world. Which means no nasty surprises from angry suppliers demanding payment on overdue invoices!


Users can also look at their Receivables Report through Pandle Mobile to check up on any overdue customer invoices. In just a few clicks they can see which invoices require payment and which to follow up with. This level of instant oversight enables our users to keep on top of their cash flow by making sure they know exactly what invoices are awaiting payment, even when away from their desk.

So there we have it, all of the Reports our users need to stay in control of their finances are now available right at their fingertips, using our Pandle Mobile app.

We love to hear from our users, so we can carry on making Pandle intuitive and easy to use. Contact one of our friendly support crew, or email us on

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