Pandle January and February Updates

In the first two months of 2018, we’ve had quite the rollercoaster. Self Assessment has passed us by for another year and with plenty of Pandle users feeling the strain, February has come as a welcome relief, bringing pancakes and chocolates – what more do you need to relax?

So, while we continue to devour the discounted Valentine’s chocolates, and try to get back the balance after an intense couple of months, let us tell you all about the updates we’ve been working on in the beginning of 2018.

New features

Customer Grouping

For those of you who invoice customers the same amount at a similar time, you can now take advantage of customer grouping. This allows you to invoice all customers in a group in one go. We will also shortly be adding the ability to send recurring invoices to your customer groups.

Click here to visit our help centre and see how to set up your first customer group.

Pandle Notes

Users can now create notes in Pandle! We’re releasing a very basic version of the notes feature right now but very soon you will be able to attach them to transactions, customers/suppliers, categories and much more.

Users will also be able to look at an overview of all notes created and either filter or search for previous notes. In the future, we’ll attach reminders to notes and include the ability to leave notes for other users, or for your accountant.

Pandle Notes

Receipt Uploading

You asked for it, and now it has arrived! Pro users can now take a picture of their receipts and attach them to their transactions, meaning you can finally keep all your records in one place. Never again will you have to sift through a pile of receipts to find the one you’re looking for – they will all be in Pandle.

With this move to a completely paperless office you will be able to view your documents, anytime, from anywhere in the world.

This feature is currently only available on the web app but we will be bringing it to Pandle Mobile very soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

Design Improvements

Following the launch of Pandle Mobile, we’ve made some tweaks to the design including a Menu Bar across the bottom, a new Login screen, and Bank Logos in the banking page. This is the first of a line of roll outs to improve the look and feel of the app.

If you have suggestions that you’d like to see put into practice, then please get in touch by contacting us on

PIN Login

We realise that if you’re invoicing from Pandle Mobile regularly, entering your password each time can become tedious. Therefore, we will shortly be introducing an optional pin code entry function for quick access to Pandle Mobile.

Small changes

  • Added more customer information on Stripe feed for easier matching
  • Improved the loading speed of bank feeds on Pandle mobile, further speed improvements planned over the coming weeks
  • User warnings implemented for bank feed credentials that have been changed to prompt update in Pandle
  • Implemented a monthly option on the EC sales lists for larger business users

Currently working on

Pandle Global

The aim of the Global Account is to make Pandle accessible for any base currency. It will facilitate different types of sales tax and will offer multiple languages.

We will also be building dedicated versions for key markets, which will be more customised to the needs of those markets.

Messaging Centre

We’re currently working on messaging in Pandle which will allow users to message each other from within the web app. This includes any users linked to the company including bookkeepers/accountants.

We believe this will complement our tagging feature in Pandle Notes (when released) and will allow for better and more efficient collaboration in Pandle.

Pandle Organiser

Alongside notes, we’re planning to bring a complete organiser to Pandle. This will include tasks, reminders, a calendar and collaboration tools to communicate in app with your accountant and/or staff members.

Here is a sneak preview of how it will look on mobile:

Pandle Organiser

Stock Control

Due to popular request, we will shortly be working on our stock control feature. This will allow users who sell goods to track their stock along with having a real-time stock balance in their stock category.

We’re currently drawing up the specifications for this feature and would like to talk to users who sell goods to get their input on how they would like this to work.

If you are interested in offering your input to the developers then please register your interest by contacting us on


As we continue to work on improving Pandle for users, we have also been busy working away on building our API. We are now working to put together the finishing touches and documentation.

The API will allow potential partners to work with us and build software to integrate with Pandle.

We are looking for users to test our API within the next 4 weeks.

If you’re interested in helping us develop our Pandle services, please send an email to to register your interest. You’ll then be alerted as soon as it’s made available for testing.

Is there something you would like to see come to Pandle in the future? Get in touch with the support team on or comment below and if we think it’s a good suggestion, we’ll add it to our to do list!

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