Pandle Update: Bulk Confirm Transactions More Easily

As you might know, our mission here at Pandle is to ensure your bookkeeping is as efficient and easy as possible, and this latest update is no different! To make confirming your bank transactions that little bit quicker, you can now display as many (or as few) transactions on your banking screen as you need to, and confirm more transactions in bulk at once. Full steam ahead!

When do I need to confirm transactions in Pandle?

Using Bank Feeds and Imports makes the process of entering your bank transactions into Pandle much faster, and reduces the risk of errors. To let Pandle do the heavy lifting you can also set up Bank Rules to automate more of your bookkeeping. Pandle will then categorise transactions and match payments in the background whilst you get on with business.

If you haven’t set up any Bank Rules yet, or if you don’t have rules for all your transactions, you can confirm them manually. You can even edit similar transactions in bulk, rather than needing to do them one at a time.

Which is where this new update really comes into its own.

Confirming more transactions in one go

Categorising and adding tax codes to lots of transactions can be seriously time consuming, even if you do them in small batches.

Thanks to this update, you now have the option to choose how many transactions you view at one time. You’ll be able to see more of what’s going on in your banking, and because there are more transactions visible on screen, you’ll be able to bulk confirm more of them at once.

View up to a hundred transactions at once

Your transactions will still appear on the check and confirm screen as normal, but with this update you now have the option of selecting how many lines of transactions are shown.

Just click the blue box on the far-right corner…


…and select how many transactions you’d like to display, ready to confirm more of your transactions in one go.


And there we have it. Sometimes even seemingly little things can really make a difference to your bookkeeping. View all your transactions with ease and give yourself more time to relax with a cuppa.

Learn more about using our bulk confirm tool when approving transactions in Pandle, as well as our array of other time-saving features. Get started with your free trial of Pandle Pro.

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