Pandle Update: Entering Inventory Opening Balances More Easily

Don’t you just hate it when you spend time on a task, only to lose all your progress before you can save it? You’re not alone. It’s particularly irritating when clicking back to check something else means the work you’ve already done disappears.

It’s enough to make anyone grind their teeth, which is exactly why our latest update is here to prevent this from happening. This one’s going in the Pandle family album – everyone say cheese!

Using the Opening Balance Wizard

If you’re new to using Pandle but not new to running a business, then entering your opening balances helps you make the switch from whichever bookkeeping system or software you were using before.

Opening balances are exactly what they sound like – they’re the balances that you ‘open’ with at the start of a new period. This might be the start of a new financial year or, or when you move to a new system.

In Pandle, our Opening Balances Wizard makes this easier by guiding you through the process of entering these correctly.

Enter stock and inventory with less stress

OK, so it might not involve any actual wizards, but it does help you enter all of the information you need to bring with you, including any stock or inventory you want to record with our Items feature.

New Data Validation Check for Opening Balances Image 12

To make the process easier, our latest Opening Balance Wizard update means you can:

  • Save your entries as a draft without updating your bookkeeping figures
  • Move to a different screen without losing your progress

You won’t need to worry about losing stock information when you’ve already spent time entering all the details.

Everything will still be there, exactly as you left it, ready to pick back up where you left off (so, if you’re reading this at 2am, please do feel free to get some sleep).

You can save your entries as a draft as many times as you need to. So, if you do head off for a nap, you won’t need to start all over again, or risk entering inaccurate information into your bookkeeping.

Get started with Pandle and create your free account, or learn more about cloud accounting.

Ronan Ferguson

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