Pandle Update: Audit Trails on Customer Group Invoices

Here at Pandle HQ we’re always busy developing and enhancing our accounting software, to make bookkeeping as simple as possible for our users. Part of this work has been focusing on improving our audit trail functions across Pandle, to make it easier for everyone to understand the status of their quotes and invoices.

We recently added audit trails to our Quotes feature, as well as enhancing our existing invoice audit trails to show overpayments. We’re now going one step further by adding audit trails to customer group invoices too. You could say that we’re hot on the trail of ever more effortless bookkeeping!

What are Pandle’s customer group invoices?

This is a feature that we launched way back in February 2018 to make invoicing multiple customers less time-consuming. If a group of customers need to be invoiced the same amount, such as billing multiple customers for consultancy work, the customer group invoice tool enables users to invoice them all simultaneously, rather than sending each invoice one-by-one to each customer.

Pandle Update: Audit Trails on Customer Group Invoices 2

Users can even use the customer group to set up recurring invoices in Pandle. It’s a massive time-saver, and because fewer individual invoices are being created, there are fewer opportunities for any annoying little errors.

Easily keep track of group invoices

To make it even easier to monitor the status of each invoice, we’ve now rolled out audit trails for customer group invoices. This means users can now drill down into each customer’s invoice in the group, and view a full audit trail for that invoice. It shows when it was created, sent, paid for, and any other activity.

Pandle Update: Audit Trails on Customer Group Invoices 3

When an invoice is created in Pandle, users can view it at any time from the Customers tab on the Enter Transactions screen, by clicking ‘View’, then selecting ‘Invoices’. From here, they can then select the group invoice and view all of the invoices which were sent to that group of customers.

Accessing informative audit trails helps everyone keep track of what’s going on in a business. It reduces some of the strain of trying to remember every last little detail, and helps everyone involved in running the business stay up-to-date.

Is it too early to call it a very early Christmas present? With love from Pandle.

Learn more about our straightforward bookkeeping tools for small businesses and their accountants on our features page.

Liam Yapp

Marketing Executive and Part-Time Copywriter. If I'm not working on our next big marketing push, you'll probably find me outside, basking in the sun and walking the dog.

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