Pandle Update: Personalise Recurring Invoices with Email Inserts

It’s the personal touches which really build a connection between a growing business and its customers. For time-strapped business owners though, these moments aren’t always that simple to achieve.

When there’s a lot to do, communicating with customers on a personal level can quickly slide in favour of generic messages that get the job done for everyone. It’s why we introduced our email inserts. They enable users to send beautifully personalised invoice emails to their customers, with no extra effort.

We’ve now extended this function to be used when sending recurring invoices, too. After all, maintaining an ongoing relationship with clients is the foundation for repeat business.

Hang on, what are recurring invoices?

Setting up recurring invoices is just another way to let Pandle ease some of the administrative burden of running a business.

If users charge clients for the same amounts on a regular basis, they can simply create Recurring Transactions so that Pandle will create and send the invoice automatically. All they need to do is set the number of occurrences, or an end date.

What are Pandle email inserts?

Pandle users can already create slick-looking Invoices and send them to Customers as an attachment to a professional-looking branded email, just like the example below.

Pandle Update: Personalise Recurring Invoices with Email Inserts 1

Users simply create a default email message, and select which inserts to use in, and where. Now thanks to this latest update, our users can also include email inserts when setting up email templates for recurring transactions.

Pandle Update: Personalise Recurring Invoices with Email Inserts 2

It might look a bit like this:

Dear *Display Name*

Thank you for ordering from us. We’ve attached a copy of your invoice for *Outstanding Amount*

The email inserts tell Pandle which information to pull through into the email message from the customers information which has already been entered in to Pandle, so users don’t have to try and remember every little detail. And hey presto, they can send personalised email messages, every time a recurring invoice is automatically sent.

So now, as well as making a great first impression, users can complete ongoing bookkeeping tasks whilst building business relationships. And all at the same time, using our refreshingly simple cloud-accounting software.

User feedback helps us make Pandle what our users need it to be, so get in touch using the Live Chat button on screen!

Liam Yapp

Marketing Executive and Part-Time Copywriter. If I'm not working on our next big marketing push, you'll probably find me outside, basking in the sun and walking the dog.

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