Pandle September and October Updates

Happy October! It’s not long until Halloween, which means while we’re carving our pumpkins and hanging cobwebs, we’ve got a chance to fill you in on all the latest ghoulish happenings exciting updates from Pandle HQ.

Grab your Pumpkin Spice Latte while we let you in on what we’ve been up to over the last couple of months.

New features

Mobile App

It’s been a long time coming but we’re excited to announce that the first iteration of the Pandle App is available to download on Android from the Google Play Store, with iOS to follow shortly.

Pandle app

Here’s the latest on what you can do in the Pandle Mobile App.

New Customers

Pandle Mobile lets you create customers, so our users can enjoy a seamless experience of creating customers and invoicing them all from their mobile device.


We’re also excited to announce that Pandle Mobile can create quotations on the go. Quotations can be instantly sent to your customers and converted to an invoice if they approve.

Additional features around this will appear soon.

Email Statuses

Users often ask us if invoices or other emails have been sent to their customers so we decided to introduce status updates which can be found in the invoice audit trails.

You will now be able to see when an email is delivered and if it has been opened by your customer:

Pandle update newsiamge3

More specific information can be found in the magnifying glass icon. You’re also told if a message failed for a particular reason.

Pandle update news

These email statuses can be found in the invoice audit trail, which can be found by clicking on any of the invoices you’ve sent. We hope this gives our users more certainty about the emails/documents sent through Pandle.

Google Cloud Migration

We have now migrated Pandle to Google Cloud. While this doesn’t make too much difference to the Pandle you see, the move allows us to scale up more easily and will help us maintain a high level of performance. Google Cloud also provides additional tools for AI and machine learning which we will embark upon in future – meaning lots more exciting features to come!

VAT Return Submissions

Pandle users are now able to submit VAT returns directly to HMRC within Pandle. This means you won’t have to enter the figures into the HMRC portal – instead you’ll be able to manage this all from Pandle. Easy! We’re still currently testing EC sales list submissions, however we expect these to go live shortly!

Pandle update news

Customer Statement Templates (Pandle Pro)

Customer Statement Templates are a new feature for Pandle Pro users. These follow on from our invoice template additions. The invoice template selected will now be reflected in customer statements, meaning a more customised and professional document for your customers.

Stripe Payment Processing (Pandle Pro)

Following on from the Stripe Integration just released, we have now added payment processing integration through Stripe which will allow you to include a ‘Pay Now’ button on your invoices. This will mean your customers have the option to pay instantly using a debit or credit card.

Please go to Document Settings in the main menu to add this feature.

Pandle update news

Small changes

  • Allowed for 0 days credit terms on invoicing
  • Pandle now disables automatic payment reminders when a customer pays an invoice by credit/debit card (through Pandle Pay/Stripe)
  • Default recurring transactions to 1 month (the most common selection)
  • Automatic sending of recurring invoices now requires message subject and text when setting up
  • Added ‘Save & Close’ options to invoice editing rather than just save & finish
  • Increased message field for recurring invoice sending
  • Added audit trail to deleted customer receipts on customer invoices
  • Allowed quotation splits for items with different categories and/or tax codes
  • Enabled officers to be deleted from settings in the case of a director resigning
  • Invoices/quotes will now automatically capitalise postcodes

Currently working on…

PDF Exports

Currently, we have Excel exports for all Pandle reporting. However, we also want to make PDF reports available throughout Pandle.

This is a feature we’ll be working on shortly, and will allow users to easily be able to download and print information.

Pandle Global Account

The aim of the Global Account is to make Pandle accessible for any base currency. It will facilitate different types of sales tax and will offer multiple languages.

We will also be building dedicated versions for key markets, which will be more customised to the needs of those markets.


Soon users will be able to create notes anywhere in Pandle and attach them to transactions, customers/suppliers, categories and much more.

Pandle Notes

Users will then be able to look at an overview of all notes created and either filter or search for previous notes. In the future, we’ll attach reminders to notes and include the ability to leave notes for other users, or for your accountant.

Pandle Organiser

Alongside notes, we’re planning to bring a complete organiser to Pandle. This will include tasks, reminders, a calendar and collaboration tools to communicate in app with your accountant and/or staff members.

Pandle update news

Paypal Integration

PayPal integration will allow users to collect PayPal payments through Pandle as well as automatically pulling transactions from your PayPal account to avoid any manual entry or messy importing.

Currency conversions will be handled automatically for you along with the PayPal fees on transactions.

Receipt Uploading

Soon users will be able to take a picture of their receipts and attach them to their transactions, making filing your Self Assessment a piece of cake.

We plan to make this available in both the Mobile App and the Webapp. Additionally, we are exploring an integration with Receipt Bank in case users also want OCR capabilities.

Bank Feeds (Mobile App)

We are excited to have started working on our banking feature in Pandle Mobile. This will allow users to receive push notifications each time new banking transactions are fed into Pandle which need to be categorised.

Users will have the ability to categorise transactions through the mobile app, meaning Pandle Mobile will be one of a handful of accounting apps that enables you to complete your banking before you get out of bed in the morning!

Do you have a feature you would like to see come to Pandle? Leave a comment below or get in touch with us on If we like your idea, we’ll get the ball rolling on putting it into action.

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