Pandle Update: Smarter Date Entry

Here at Pandle we’re always doing our utmost to reduce the amount of time you spend on your business admin. For us, it’s right up there with helping to minimise the risk of accounting errors, on our list of Very Important Things Bookkeeping Software Should Do.

One of the most time-consuming aspects of managing the finances for any business is data entry. Logging all of those financial transactions and documents is absolutely critical for maintaining accurate bookkeeping records, but blimey – it doesn’t ‘alf take time doing it manually.

Which is precisely why Pandle automates these processes as much as possible, and why our latest update really zeroes in on reducing the time it takes to manually enter data.

Reducing data entry time in your bookkeeping

Creating reliable and accurate accounting records is much less labour intensive with Pandle’s powerful Banking features and intuitive tools.

They work together in harmony, connecting all of your bank accounts and payment platforms to Pandle, so all of your financial transaction flow automatically into your bookkeeping.

From there you can easily automate your most common bookkeeping tasks, like using our Bank Rules feature to categorise transactions, further reducing the amount of time you spend handling and entering data.

Fewer keystrokes and faster bookkeeping

With all this time-saving efficiency going on, you’d think finding new ways to make data entry even faster would be a big ask. But sometimes, it’s the little things which can make the difference to everyday bookkeeping tasks.

Things like being able to enter single-digit dates without having to type out every single little number. So now if you’re entering dates anywhere at all in Pandle, our latest update means you can do so more easily, without pressing as many buttons. Your wrists will thank you!

For example, say you need to enter the date 2nd April 2022 on an invoice. Normally this would mean typing out 02/04/2022.

Smart date entry for faster bookkeeping 1

Now all you need to do is bash in 2/4/22 and Pandle will backfill the rest to get your date in the correct format.

Smart date entry for faster bookkeeping 2

It will work anywhere in Pandle, whether that’s entering dates on transactions, credit notes, invoices or beyond. Because even with powerful automations doing most of the heavy lifting in Pandle, there will still be times when you need to type in information, like the date, yourself.

We want that to be just as streamlined and effortless as the rest of the Pandle.

Learn more about our time-saving bookkeeping software, or get started with your free account.

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