View Overpayments on Pandle’s Invoice Audit Trails

We recently enhanced our Quotes feature to include audit trails, so that users could easily keep track of what’s happening. We’re always building on previous work to improve and fine tune Pandle. It’s why we have a growing reputation for providing the most intuitive online bookkeeping software.

Continuing our mission for ever more straightforward bookkeeping, we’ve added an update to Pandle’s existing invoice audit trail function. So, as well as showing each step of its history, Pandle’s audit trail on invoices will now also show when a previous overpayment has been applied to it. Now, that’s some serious attention to detail!

What is an overpayment on an invoice?

From time-to-time clients might accidentally pay their invoices twice, or even pay the wrong amount, resulting in an overpayment. While it might sound like a good thing, overpaid invoices are a headache for business owners doing their bookkeeping.

The overpaid amount would either need to be returned to the customer, or recorded as a credit on the customer’s account which can be used against a future invoice. We released our Overpayments feature nearly two years ago to help users do exactly this. It ensures that the business receiving the overpayment knows about it, and can record it correctly in their bookkeeping, like this…

View Overpayments on Pandle’s Invoice Audit Trails 1

The alternative, which doesn’t bear thinking about now, is discrepancies developing between your actual bank balance and the balances shown in Pandle. Or potentially having an uncomfortable conversation with a valued (and valuable) client about paying the correct amount on their invoices.

Audit trails for invoices

Now when a previous overpayment is automatically applied to an invoice, this amount will be recorded as an entry on the invoice’s audit trail too, as well as being included in the Payments section.

This inclusion will make it quicker and easier to understand why the remaining balance is lower than the total invoice amount, before any other payments have been applied to the invoice.

View Overpayments on Pandle’s Invoice Audit Trails 2

Once an invoice is created in Pandle, it can be viewed at any time from the Customers tab on the Enter Transactions, by clicking View, then Invoices.

By selecting an invoice to drill down into further, users can view a full audit trail for that invoice, including the details of when it was created, sent, and paid for, as well as any overpayments.

Detailed audit trails like this mean that everyone knows what’s going on. Even if there are multiple users accessing Pandle from different places, or accountants and bookkeepers using Pandle with their clients.

Any queries or potential areas of confusion are much simpler to resolve, and it saves time scrolling through bank statements, too. Which, let’s face it, is just so 2010!

Learn more about Pandle’s refreshingly simple free bookkeeping features, or create an account to get started.

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