Automatically Assign Your Invoice Payments, with Pandle

Despite last month’s New Year promises, we’ve been indulging in our favourite thing. Simple, efficient bookkeeping for our users!

With the first spring bulbs appearing we had a lightbulb moment of our own. We’ve developed a new Pandle feature which will automatically assign invoice payments to their corresponding invoices, removing the need to manually select the invoice for each payment. Hip-hip hooray!

Automatically link invoice payments in Pandle

Our latest time-saving addition enables Pandle to automatically assign an invoice payment to the correct customer invoice, by matching the payment and invoice amounts.

All users have to do is set the transaction type to ‘Customer Receipt’ in their Bank Feed, and then select the customer which the payment relates to. Pandle will then automatically link the payment amount to that customer’s invoice, starting with the oldest unpaid invoice first.

Just to make bookkeeping even simpler, the same feature works for supplier payments too. After users have chosen ‘Supplier Payment’ as the transaction type and then selected the supplier that the payment was for, Pandle will automatically assign the payment to the correct invoice by matching the invoice and payment amounts.

Faster big batch bookkeeping

The ability to automatically assign payments to invoices means that users don’t have to go through the extra process of clicking the ‘Invoices’ button, and then selecting ‘Pay in Full’ next to each invoice.

It’s a big help, especially for users with lots of invoice payments to assign, particularly when doing a year’s worth of bookkeeping in one go. What a relief!



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Staying in control

For customers or suppliers with more than one invoice on their account, the transaction will be assigned to the oldest unpaid invoice for the same amount.

There might be occasions when the payment that’s received is less than the value of the only outstanding invoice. We’ve fine-tuned the feature so that the payment will still be linked to the invoice, and will show the remainder that’s due.

And of course, the ‘Invoices’ button isn’t going anywhere, so it’s still there if it’s needed. So, if there are multiple invoices on a customer or supplier’s account, and one of them is under query, payments can still be allocated manually to go wherever they need to.

What’s next?

It’s all still hush-hush whilst under development so don’t tell anyone, but we’re also working on automatically assigning invoices using Bank Rules too. But keep that under your hat for now!

Find out more about Pandle’s time saving bookkeeping features.

Liam Yapp

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