Pandle Update: Add Invoice Attachments More Easily

We all know the head-in-your-hands feeling that comes with losing progress before you have chance to save it. It’s especially annoying when going back to the previous step in a process means you lose the work you’ve already done. You’re honestly not alone with that howl of frustration.

Fortunately, our new update should be useful for anyone at risk of turning into some sort of bookkeeping werewolf. It means that you can now add attachments to invoices from the ‘Send Email’ screen, so you won’t need to lose your progress by clicking back to the ‘Customer Invoices’ screen if you forget. Awooo!

Fast, efficient invoicing software for your business

Pandle helps you supercharge your invoicing, by taking the administrative sting out of getting paid. Our customisable invoice templates, rapid quotes, and quick credit notes work together to keep you running smoothly. You can bill clients and even set up automated payment reminders, without breaking a sweat. You probably want to save that for the job itself.

The good news is that you can do all this even if you’re on the move, using the Pandle mobile app. You can also add attachments to your invoices, and now thank to this update, it’s even easier.

Adding attachments to your invoices

Before the update you could only attach documents by clicking the paperclip icon whilst creating a new invoice.

Add Invoice Attachments More Easily image 1

But we know how easy it is to go zooming off to the next stage, only to realise there’s something you’ve forgotten to do. Unfortunately, this can mean losing work when you need to go back a step, and that’s exactly what was happening in Pandle.

Clicking back to the ‘Create Invoice’ screen so you could add an attachment meant that any work on the ‘Send Invoice’ screen was lost. It’s the sort of thing that keeps us up at night here at Pandle HQ, so this update solves the issue.

You can now add documents to your invoices from the ‘Send Invoice’ screen too, without losing your way.

Just scroll down, and click the ‘Attachments’ button on the ‘Send Invoice’ screen.

Add Invoice Attachments More Easily image 2

You’ll be able to select the documents in Pandle which you want to attach, or upload new files if you need to.

Add Invoice Attachments More Easily image 3

Then just send your invoice as normal. Ker-ching! It means you won’t need to worry about spending time re-writing anything.

(Although, stage-whisper it, but whilst we’re on the subject, you can also set default email text in the Document Settings screen in Pandle. That way, Pandle will auto-fill your email message with the default wording, and then you can just make any changes if you need to.)

Anything to keep your bookkeeping away from the big bad wolf!

Learn more about invoicing your clients with Pandle and create your free account.

Ronan Ferguson

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