Pandle Update: Transaction Locking Alerts

Here at Pandle, we think bookkeeping should be as straightforward as possible. After all, the businesses who rely on our free accounting software have a lot of other things to focus on.

It’s why Pandle is always working away to help reduce the risk of accidental errors in our users’ bookkeeping, because if we know one thing in this world, it is that accurate accounts are essential for running a successful business. To help reduce the potential for errors even further, we’ve added a new alert to our existing Transaction Locking feature. Sweet!

How does Pandle’s transaction locking help?

Pandle users can choose a date, and lock transactions up until that point. It means that a transaction then can’t be mistakenly entered into a completed period, like a previous financial year or VAT return quarter for example.

Entering transactions for a previous period can really cause confusion later on, especially if this is down to simple human error like entering the wrong date on an invoice. Plus, if that information has already been used to submit a return to HMRC, subsequent changes could lead to some difficult questions later down the line.

For VAT registered businesses, Pandle will take care of this each quarter when a VAT return has been saved, by automatically locking this period. This prevents transactions being added to VAT returns which have already been submitted.

This level of control is reassuring not only for business owners, but also for our accountants and bookkeepers who use Pandle for their clients. Accountants can securely lock completed periods for their clients, giving everyone peace of mind that they’re entering transactions only for the current financial period. This means far less chance of those annoying mistakes which can trip everyone up and throw off a client’s bookkeeping records.

Alerting users to draft transactions

Although simply locking transactions up to a specified date can prevent them from any accidental edits in the future, we wanted to do even more to help our users make sure their bookkeeping is as accurate as possible!

So now, users (or their accountants) will receive an alert if there are any draft transactions dated prior to or on their transaction lock date, which have not yet been confirmed. Pandle will then prompt users to check their bank accounts and confirm these draft transactions, before they are allowed to save the transaction lock date.

Using the Transaction Locking feature

The option to lock transactions up to a certain date is found on the Company Settings page.

Select the ‘Business Info’ tab and scroll down to find the ‘Lock transactions up to’ field. Users can then either enter the date manually, or tap the calendar icon to choose the correct date.

Once entered, just click the ‘Update Company’ button.

With our latest update, an alert will now pop up to advise users if there are any draft transactions dated during that time period, which need to be confirmed in Pandle.

Pandle Update: Transaction Locking Alerts 1

It’s just one of the many ways Pandle helps users avoid errors in their bookkeeping, so they can ensure that their accounts records are as accurate as possible.

Visit our Features section to learn more about simpler bookkeeping with Pandle. To create an account, just click here. It’s free, and that’s everyone’s favourite price.

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