Pandle Update: More Detailed Item Descriptions for Quotes and Invoices

When you send invoices to customers, it’s important that the information is displayed as clearly and accurately as possible. After all, this is the document that you send to make sure you get paid, so it makes sense to minimise the risk of any delays.

To really help speed things up, our latest update means you can now format item descriptions on invoices with extra lines of information, if you need to. The description will look just as you want it to. Everyone’s a winner with this one!

Get paid quicker with Pandle invoicing

Our easy-to-use invoicing tools help you supercharge the way you provide quotes and bill clients, enabling you to send customisable invoices and quotations which help secure work and get paid quicker.

With Pandle, your invoices can even include a Pay Now button to make payment more convenient, as well as automated payment reminders for those annoying late paying clients who always seem to need a nudge.


Create and send invoices that get you paid on time

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Why item descriptions matter

The item description on an invoice or quote is essential, so that your customers know exactly what it is that you’re charging them for.

For instance, if you send multiple invoices to a client, a detailed description helps them see clearly product or job the invoice relates to. That way everyone knows where the work is up to, and what’s been paid for so far.

Formatting your documents more clearly

Previously, pressing the enter button whilst manually entering an item just added it to the invoice. But when you asked us to update the feature so that pressing enter allowed you to include line breaks for formatting your item descriptions more clearly, we knew we could help.

Now hitting enter allows you to carry on typing as much information as you need, laid out however you need to show it.

More Detailed Item Descriptions for Quotes and Invoices 1

Then when you have created your invoice or quote, it will look like this.

More Detailed Item Descriptions for Quotes and Invoices 2

Even if you need to add another row beneath that!

More Detailed Item Descriptions for Quotes and Invoices 3

Your feedback is what helps us make updates like this one, so Pandle can continue making bookkeeping as simple and straightforward as possible. It’s what we do!

Learn more about our timesaving features, or pass along your thoughts by hitting the live chat button on screen, or leaving a comment below!

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