Pandle Update: Filter Your Transactions More Easily

Thanks to cloud-based bookkeeping software like Pandle, we’re long past the days of rummaging through shoeboxes of financial documents. Keeping digital records of your business accounts not only makes them simpler to access, but also much easier to find exactly what you are looking for.

When using the dropdown menus to filter your transactions, you’re now able to make multiple selections in each dropdown. Keep that shoebox for your shoes, and we’ll show you how it works.

Managing your transactions in Pandle

To help you keep an eye on the money in your business, every invoice, adjustment and payment in Pandle is recorded as a transaction. Whether it’s going out or coming in, you can view all of these records in the View Transactions page, by going to Accounting > View Transactions.

Filter Your Transactions More Easily image 1

Then to open the filter menu, just click the filter icon as normal.

Filter Your Transactions More Easily image 5

Filtering your transactions

Until now you could filter transactions, but could only choose one option from each dropdown menu. Now you can make multiple selections from any menu, helping you to search and locate records much more quickly.

Just open the dropdown menu, and select any of the options that you need. Each selection will be shown with a tick.

Filter Your Transactions More Easily image 8

You’ll be able to make multiple selections from multiple menus at a time, too, helping you focus in on the transactions that you want to see. Pandle will return a list of all the transactions matching your selection criteria.

The menu headers will display ‘Multiple’ to remind you where multiple selections have been made, just in case of any rogue clicks accidentally selecting options and causing an unexpected list of transaction results!

Filter Your Transactions More Easily image 7

So, if you want to search Customer Invoices and find the corresponding receipts, just select both transaction types, and then simply search the reference numbers. Simple.

Which, you’ve probably heard us mention before, is exactly how managing your bookkeeping should be.

Learn more about using Pandle to manage your business finances more easily, or hit the live chat button on screen to talk to one of our UK support crew.

Ronan Ferguson

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