Pandle Update: Filter Unpaid Invoices for Customer Statements

We want Pandle to be as user friendly as possible, so when you asked us to create additional filtering options for Customer Statements, we knew we had to act. After some careful testing, users can now choose to download Customer Statements which only show outstanding invoices. Unpaid invoices have nowhere to hide!

Managing your customers in Pandle

Pandle’s Customers tool reduces the amount of time that you need to spend on admin for your business. Once a customer is set up, you can use those details to pre-populate invoices at the touch of a button, set individual credit limits to keep outstanding invoices from spiralling out of control, and even create Customer Statements.

Customer statements provide a detailed breakdown of the invoices, receipts and credit notes relating to that customer, within a set date range. Now you can also choose to create statements which show the details of any invoices which that customer still needs to pay.

That way, everyone knows where they’re up to (and of course, our automated Payment Reminders feature will help you chase up payments, too).

Showing outstanding invoices on Customer Statements

Our recent user experience update included the redesign of Pandle’s navigational menu. The tools you need to manage your customers are now housed together under their own dedicated ‘Customers’ menu option.

First, select ‘Customers’ from its new home in the navigation bar:

Pandle Update: Filter Unpaid Invoices for Customer Statements 1

Then from the Customers tab, click the download PDF statement button here next to the customer you wish to produce a statement for:

Pandle Update: Filter Unpaid Invoices for Customer Statements 2

Once you select the date range for your report, you’ll now be able to select the ‘Only show outstanding invoices’ option to filter the statement.

Pandle Update: Filter Unpaid Invoices for Customer Statements 3

Then just generate the statement as normal to produce a PDF document which you can share with your customers. Voila!

Running a business is already complicated. That’s why we’re trying to help you keep on top of your finances, as easily as possible.

Find out more about our timesaving, super simple bookkeeping software, or get started with your free account.

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